AS Roma Captain Confession: Special Year at Trigoria, Thanks Jose Mourinho


Jose Mourinho and AS Roma are currently enjoying a ‘honeymoon’ period. Roma captain, Lorenzo Pellegrini , said that this year the atmosphere felt so different from the previous season.

Roma appointed Mourinho as coach at the start of the 2021/2022 season. Mourinho has come with a good reputation in the past, even though he failed to win a single title at Tottenham.

So far, the collaboration between Mourinho and Roma is going very well. Roma won the first six games of the season in a row. From the side of the game, Roma also looks quite convincing to be able to compete.

Most recently, Roma won 5-1 over CSKA Sofia in the UEFA Conference League. These results confirm the status of Rome as one of the seed. However, more than that, the victory is proof of the development of the Roma squad.

Pellegrini said Roma had now developed better both mentally and physically.

“Everyone. We moved well in attack and defence. There is something special that you feel and maybe it hasn’t been at Trigoria since I came back. We are trying to make the best out of this situation,” said Pellegrini.

Thank you, Mourinho!
The start of a beautiful season and the changes that have occurred in Rome, according to Pellegrini, cannot be separated from the presence of Mourinho. The coach has brought the right kind of optimism and enthusiasm to a Roma squad filled with young players.

“I can only thank Mourinho for what he has done. I owe him a lot. But that is just the beginning. He must continue to make us all grow.”

“This year there is something special in Trigoria, we have to enjoy it as much as possible to complement our growth. This growth must not end if we want to win something in the future,” he stressed.

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Support from Tribune
It’s not just Mourinho or the enthusiastic Roma players, the fans are now also very happy with the team’s progress. Pellegri was also impressed by the support of Roma fans when they played the match against CSKA Sofia.

“I talked about it before with Gonzalo Villar, he told me how beautiful this stadium is. I told him the stadium with our fans is amazing but only 50%,” he said.

“If we win the game, it’s thanks to them, we hope the public will be available again soon, obviously with full security.”

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Jose Mourinho Fun at AS Roma: 6 Games, 6 Wins, 17 Goals, 4 Conceded

Jose Mourinho is having fun with AS Roma . Not only because he had just passed the 1000th match in his coaching career, but also the slick start he had with Il Lupi.

Jose Mourinho played his 1000th game last weekend, as Roma won 2-1 at Sassuolo. Mourinho celebrated the victory with a crazy celebration. A celebration that will always be remembered.

After that, Roma won 5-1 over CSKA Sofia in the UEFA Conference League match , Friday (17/9/2021) early morning WIB. This result made Roma solidify their steps at the start of the 2021/2022 season in all competitions.

Perfect Start
So far, Roma have played six official matches in all competitions. In detail, three games in Serie A and three games in the UEFA Conference League [two play-offs].

In Serie A, Roma appear very mighty. They have consecutive wins over Fiorentina, Salernitana and Sassuolo. Roma are now at the top of the Serie A standings with nine points, level with Milan and Napoli.

Roma also appeared impressive in the Conference League. Prior to their win over CSKA Sofia, in the play-offs, Roma won over Trabzonspor with a score of 1-2 at the Medical Park Stadyumu and 3-0 when playing at the Ompimpico.

From those six matches, Roma scored 17 goals and conceded only four times!

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Having fun
The last few years, Jose Mourinho’s career has been rather difficult. He was sacked by Manchester United and Tottenham. However, the man from Portugal seems to be having fun with AS Roma.

“One day in training I said that there was one minute left to close the game and a champion player came out to pick up the ball. I asked him ‘what are you doing?’, he replied that he wanted to have fun,” Mourinho said.

“I told him ‘to have fun is to win, you unlucky player’. Messages like this have to be conveyed and this is very important for young people who have to learn my philosophy.”

“For me, having fun is winning,” said Mourinho.

Can Grow
Roma had a great start to the season with Jose Mourinho. However, this is still very early. Roma also have not met opponents whose level of play is equal to or above them.

“The team needs to improve but we have to be calm. The empathy between the team and the fans is good for us, but when darkness comes, and it will come, it will be a moment where we have to be more than a team,” Mourinho said.

“We didn’t play well today [against CSKA Sofia] as a team, but the players had a positive approach,” said Mourinho.