Artist Highlights: Golden Boys, the group that lives up to its name

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*cheers* Golcha! Golcha! Golcha! Golden Child has become one of my favorite new groups and consistently continues to amaze me and give us all great music. I got into Golden Child sometime after their Lady era (meaning their second mini album Miracle which… 10/10) and also came through their Woollim drought which lasted over a year but resulted in their three amazing albums that really rocked them. reboot (pun really meant) their image – I still think of Jangjun who said “We consider our comeback as a life or death bet” because… he was right. As the boys gear up for their third comeback of the year (if this is followed by another year’s hiatus… I’m going to kill someone), we thought it was the perfect time to do an Artist Spotlight on them and share some of our favorite songs!

Golden Child, often abbreviated as GolCha or GNCD, is a 10-member group from Woollim Entertainment (yes, they are the junior companies of INFINITE and Lovelyz) who debuted in 2017 with their song DamDaDi. Originally an 11-member group, after the departure of member Jaeseok, Golden Child since 2018 consists of: Daeyeol (Leader, lead dancer, lead vocalist, younger brother of INFINITE’s Sungyeol, oldest member), Y (Main vocalist), Jangjun (Main rapper, vocalist, entertainer IT K-pop), Tag (main rapper, vocalist), Seungmin (lead vocalist), Jaehyun (vocalist, visual), Jibeom (main vocalist, visual), Donghyun (main dancer, vocalist), Joochan (main quartet).

Just like their company seniors, INFINITE, Golden Child has become someone I look forward to not only hearing but seeing in various formats. They are very charismatic and have great chemistry with each other, which is what makes me love them. Their albums are always consistent and there are always amazing b-sides that I listen to over and over on every album. It’s things like this that made me realize that some groups’ discography is just… better than others. Here are some of my favorite GolCha songs!

Women (2018)

Lady to this day is still my favorite GolCha song and even though their latest comeback Lucid Dream is just around the corner, nothing can beat Her Majesty Lady. Maybe the strong feeling for this song comes from Lady having that old 2nd generation k-pop vibe, or maybe rather INFINITE’s strong vibe – but it’s straight into the top 10 in my book. Lady carries a nostalgic, somewhat melancholic mood paired with strong emotion and the lyrics and beautiful choral voice fit perfectly. My favorite part, albeit a short one, is Daeyeol in the pre-chorus – there’s something about his voice that always catches my eye. Even though the music video is quite simple, I still really like it and I think it fits the song very well. Both the song and the music video never fail to make me feel nostalgic and want to hug someone. An underrated masterpiece.

One (Lucid Dream) (2020)

Spoiler alert: You will definitely see this song on my yearly top 20 list this year. GolCha’s latest comeback, Lucid Dream, is without a doubt one of my most played songs this year and one of my favorite associations with summer 2020. This whole era has been great fun and I’ve formed a stronger relationship with the group over that time. . Musically, Lucid Dream has one of the most interesting structures I’ve heard in quite a while and a great pre-chorus which then introduces us to an even better two-part chorus (the second part being one of the best things ever) really- true never fails to amaze me. Lucid Dream definitely brings some of the older k-pop vibes to the table, but manages to keep a modern sound in its 10/10 Daft Punk-inspired verses and bridges/ends. The music video is GolCha’s best, with beautiful scenery that aims to resemble a real lucid dream (Jaehyun’s hole hands still scare me). I think Lucid Dream continued the Golden Child sound that Wannabe and Without You made perfectly and created an amazing trilogy with them, just as they wanted. We also have so much content in this era (you guys really need to pay attention to their varieties) and they really saved my pretty mellow summer.

Thank You (2018)

Thank You is a song from Golden Child Goldenness’ 1st Single Album –which is their fandom name. Thank You is by far one of my favorite GolCha b-sides and remains a song that I cherish very much. I love their ballads because they have some of the best vocalists of this new generation and they’re not shy about showing it off. I’ve listened to Thank You during the hard times and the chorus never fails to make me feel… well, sad. But that’s how I cope! Listening to sad songs when I’m sad just to, you know, drive sadness out of my system.

Lately (2019)

Recently it’s a song from Golden Child’s 1st Re-boot Album, which is their first song after a long hiatus. If there’s one thing that Golden Child has always excelled at, it’s mixing older and newer k-pop sounds. These days it really reminds me of INFINITE’s older sound and has quickly become my favorite song from the album. The chorus always makes me feel like I’m back in 2012 when everything was much, much better. Joochan’s part in the chorus is so… perfect. Wow. Amazing. Never done before. I also really like the rap parts of the song and they blend perfectly with the rest. If you’re an older k-pop fan like me, I’m sure you’ll love this one!