Arsenal Perched in the Top 4 of the English League, the Legend Underestimates Manchester United


Arsenal are now in fourth place in the English Premier League standings. For the Gunners, a positive sign after in the last two seasons it is difficult to compete at the top. Interestingly, Arsenal legend Paul Merson has highlighted the position of the Gunners’ rivals, Manchester United , who are now in seventh position in the Premier League standings.

Manchester United have not performed well this season. The Red Devils’ performance was not optimal, so the management fired Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and was replaced by the German coach, Ralf Rangnick. Unfortunately, within a month of the new coach’s existence, Manchester United has not made any significant changes.

Manchester United still haven’t found the consistency they need to get back to competing at the top of the Premier League, although it must also be admitted that the Red Devils haven’t lost since Ralf Rangnick became coach.

Manchester United’s condition got the attention of Arsenal legend Paul Merson. He admitted that he was pessimistic to see Manchester United could finish this season by being ranked in the top four of the Premier League.

Unconvincing Performance, Difficult to Top 4
Paul Merson has reasons why Manchester United struggle to finish in the top four. He considered the Red Devils too inconsistent, even difficult to win against non-seeded teams.

“They were very lucky to win against Norwich City. They also couldn’t beat Newcastle United on Boxing Day. So I can see things will be difficult for them. They might be knocked out of the top four,” said Merson.

In addition, Merson assessed Manchester United’s inconsistent performance could be fatal. He believes Manchester United will not finish in the top four this season.

If they can reach the top four, then they can be said to have had a good season,” he continued.

Aim 3 Points
Manchester United will play match week 21 of the Premier League on Tuesday (4/1/2021) early morning WIB. The Red Devils will host Wolverhampton Wanderers at Old Trafford.

Three points will be very important for Manchester United in this match. If able to achieve it, Manchester United will immediately put pressure on Arsenal who are in the top four, especially after the Gunners lost 1-2 to Manchester City on Saturday (1/1/2021).

Arsenal now have 35 points and are in fourth place. While Manchester United, who is in seventh position, has 31 points. With three additional points if they win over Wolverhampton, the Red Devils will provide a real threat to the Gunners in the standings.