Arsenal and Tottenham Win, Premier League Top 4 Heats Up

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The race for the top four Premier League 2021/22 is heating up. The victory achieved by Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur , plus Chelsea ‘s defeat to Everton, made the top-tier competition map more open.

Okay, let’s put Manchester City and Liverpool aside . They have gone too far to be chased, because the difference in points with Chelsea in third place is already 16 points. It is precisely the struggle for positions three and four that are now attracting attention.

There are Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea who are now still likely to finish in third and fourth positions. Not to mention, there is Manchester United who are ready to attack from sixth position.

1. Arsenal, Tottenham, and Chelsea’s point difference is thinning

Thanks to the results in Week 35, the difference in points for Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea in the standings is thinning. Arsenal, with the same number of games, are now only three points behind Chelsea. Even with Tottenham who are only five points away.

The close difference in the points of these three teams makes anyone still have the opportunity to finish in third or fourth position. The slick performance that was shown by Tottenham and Arsenal made them succeed in pushing up.

On the other hand, Chelsea’s performance is worrying. Just imagine, in the last five league games, they only won twice. The rest, they lost twice and drew once.

2. Manchester United have a chance to steal

On the other hand, in the competition between Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea, there is a name Manchester United that is ready to take over. The difference of eight points with Arsenal in fourth place is something they can still achieve.

However, everything is a little difficult for MU. Apart from having to ensure victory in the remaining three matches of the competition, they must rely on the results obtained by Arsenal and Tottenham. Although thin, at least they still haven’t been knocked out of the competition for Champions League tickets.

3. Premier League is three weeks away

Currently, the Premier League only has three weeks to go. However, there will still be several replays that will be held until mid-May, the fruit of the many postponed matches at the beginning of the year.

The pursuit of Arsenal , Chelsea and Tottenham is something worth waiting for. In the midst of the certainty of the Premier League title competition between City and Liverpool, three London teams actually competed for a direct ticket to the Champions League.