Are you’ve watched the first 2 episodes of Our Beloved Summer


If you’ve watched the first 2 episodes of Our Beloved Summer , you must be excited about the behavior of Choi Ung and Kook Yeon Su after meeting again after breaking up a few years ago. Then there’s Ji-ung who suddenly agrees to work on a documentary that unites his two high school friends. What’s the motive behind it?
There are many questions that arise in the minds of the audience through the first 2 episodes of Our Beloved Summer. Maybe you also agree with the Drakor Podcast review!  have other predictions? Listen below:

SBS released footage for episode 3 which will air tonight, Monday (12/13/2021). The tension and awkward atmosphere was thick when Ung, Ji-ung, and Yeon Su sat at the same table in a glass-walled room. There seems to be a serious discussion about a documentary project that has been agreed to be worked on by Ji Ung.

Wung, who is usually reluctant (because of his easygoing personality) looks more serious, looks at Yeon Su who also has a questioning expression. What are they talking about and where is this conversation going that the two of them can express like that?

The previous meeting of these two ex-girlfriends did not end well. Ung, who still has feelings (but seems reluctant to admit it) has succeeded in making Yeon Su annoyed by being sprayed with water and throwing salt. What Ung did as a repellent. Meanwhile, Yeon Su, who meets Ung for work, becomes emotional because his efforts are not appreciated.

On the one hand, Ji-ung replays an old video showing Ung and Yeon Su when they were in high school. At that time a documentary was made to show two high school students with opposite rankings. Ji-ung is asked to continue the documentary a few years later because the old video has gone viral again.

But it’s like there’s a secret that Ung keeps and still hasn’t revealed. There is speculation that Ung has feelings for one of his two high school friends. Is it true? Will this speculation be answered immediately in episode 3 of Our Beloved Summer tonight?

Directed by Kim Yoon Jin from Lee Na Eun’s screenplay, Our Beloved Summer tells the story of the hidden feelings between the three main characters. Packed in a slow tempo, this Korean drama is currently being loved by Indonesian audiences and trending on Twitter during its first two episodes last week.

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