Aquaman Review: The Savior of Atlantis and the DCEU


I don’t think we need to lie to ourselves. In fact, many of us are skeptical about this sixth DC Extended Universe (DCEU) film project . Apart from still feeling traumatized by previous film projects, the fact is that this is a film about Aquaman.

Not meant to be condescending. But in reality, the figure of Aquaman is often ridiculed by many people. We often hear ridicule such as: “He’s only strong in water” and even “His strength can only talk to fish.”

Not to mention, this film is handled by specialist horror director James Wan ( The Conjuring ). Even more skeptical that the film, starring Jason Momoa ( Conan the Barbarian ) as the superhero, will be able to save the DCEU’s already disappointing reputation.

But when he finally saw it, the skepticism immediately turned into full support for the continuity of the DC cinematic world in the future.

Best DCEU Movies Since Man of Steel

Yep geeks . In other words, Aquaman , surprisingly , is a very satisfying DCEU film. Baika geeks are DC fanboys or even laymen, this film will make you smile with satisfaction when you watch it.

It can even be said that this film is the best DCEU film since the “sesepuhnya” Man of Steel (2013). However, when compared to Wonder Woman (2017), it can be said that both films are equally cool (having their own strengths and weaknesses).

However, despite the praise that has been given, it does not mean this film is 100% perfect. Therefore, let’s first discuss the shortcomings contained in this film.

Few Plot Holes & Lack of Fighting Power

Maybe some of the geeks will disagree with this. However, for some reason when watching the film, we still saw some plot holes that made us ask: “How can that be?”

Maybe we think this plot hole appears because Wan wants to make us as audiences to “respond” immediately or, it could be, to save time. If it is for the second reason, of course it is very understandable. But for the first reason, to be honest, we’re scratching our heads.

If Wan really wants to make us think immediately, why does he display so many exposition scenes here? Yep geeks . This film shows a lot of explanations here and there. Maybe it’s a problem at first. But over time, it gets pretty annoying too.

However, the shortcoming that makes us super duper excited is the scene where Arthur struggles to get the iconic golden Triden. For some reason, in our opinion, the struggle is not like a struggle at all.

Okay, he chose a more “diplomatic” path of struggle. But seeing the frightening figure of Momoa and how vital this golden trident is to save Atlantis and the mainland ( surface ) from the tyranny of his half-brother Orm aka Ocean Master (Patrick Wilson), yeah , it feels like we need a more “bloody” struggle than has been shown .

The Unnecessary Black Manta Sub-plot

Actually, since it was announced that this film will also feature Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II), we have been feeling nervous. Specifically, with a focus on the story that puts forward differences in understanding between Arthur and Orm, we are worried that the appearance of his character in this film will only become a “disruption”.

And sure enough. Okay, to be fair , at least Wan cs have tried their best to make sense of their involvement in the midst of the conflict. But still, in the end, he is seen as a thug character who suddenly comes to disturb Curry and Mera.

Fortunately, Wan cs quickly realized this and immediately decided to use his role further in the upcoming sequel. And yep geeks . We believe that Aquaman will have a sequel.

Atlantis Looks Like a Real City

As we already said, Aquaman is the best DCEU film so far after Man of Steel . In addition to the script that is easy to digest, much light , and grayish characteristics displayed characters, the film is also likely to show a visual effect that is very “cheeky” cool.

Wan and his cinematographer in The Conjuring 2 (2016), Don Burgess, had great success in presenting the city of Atlantis that looks really realistic. This underwater city seems to exist in the real world. When we saw it, we had flashbacks to a similar water city in Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace (1999), Gunggan City.

But of course, the appearance of Atlantis in this film is much cooler than Gunggan. All of these positive technical aspects were further strengthened by the performances of all the actors and actresses who successfully played their respective characters. Jason Momoa is once again super cool as the main superhero . He looks very indifferent, slengean, badass , but still looks humble.

He is not a figure who wants to be a role model, let alone a king. But at the same time, he knew very well that he needed to be the leader of his hometown if he wanted to create peace between Atlantis and the mainland.

Ocean Master the Lord of the Sails and the Ocean

Momoa is the main star. But for us, it was Wilson who succeeded in stealing the attention as Ocean Master. Wilson has once again succeeded in proving that he is cooler in playing the antagonist than the protagonist.

In addition, his role also strengthens the image of DCEU’s villains, who always looks quite consistent in each of his films. Only Michael Shanon’s Zod in Man of Steel can match Wilson’s appearance in this film.

Oh yes, I almost missed it, the fight scene between him and Mamoa both in the first round and in the final chapter, can also be said to be the best final fight scene after the final fight scene between Zod and Superman (Henry Cavill) in Man of Steel. The fight looks very intense and super emotional.

So it can be concluded once again here that Aquaman has succeeded in delivering a winning blow to the DCEU. If geeks remember, we discussed whether Shazam would be the film that saved the DCEU?

Well , after watching Aquaman , the question has now changed to: “Is Shazam, which is the opening film for the DCEU in 2019, able to continue the winning momentum that has been given by Aquaman ?”