Aquaman Review, The Battle of Atlantis is Very Cool


Aquaman is the latest DC superhero film. Set after the Justice League, Aquaman has his own complex story. Arthur Curry must face his half-brother for the throne of the king of Atlantis. Directed by James Wan, Aquaman stars Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson, Willem Dafoe, and other well-known actors.

Yep, this time Dafunda Movie has the opportunity to make a brief review of the film of the king of Atlantis. Let’s see Aquaman’s review below.

Aquaman Reviews or Reviews
This is Aquaman’s review or Aquaman’s review according to the author’s experience watching the film.

Aquaman Graphics (97/100)
Different from other DC superhero films, Aquaman comes with a nuance that is not dark. James Wan cultivates the graphics of this film to be very extraordinary. From the super luxurious city of Atlantis with its cutting-edge technology, excellent computer effects for characters under the sea without air bubbles. The movement of each character also looks like a person swimming in the sea.

In addition, many underwater kingdoms have different physical forms, but the graphics provided look very real. And of course, Jason Momoa and Amber Heard’s battle graphics are fantastic.

Aquaman Storyline (93/100)
In terms of story, Aquaman really stands alone. Although the setting is post-Justice League, it doesn’t have much to do with the other films included in this film.

Aquaman tells of how Arthur Curry, a half-Atlantean and Human, tries to snatch the Ocean Master’s throne from his half-brother.

The storyline is fairly complex, because it is sequential. Starting from the meeting of his father and mother who was a queen of Atlantis. how little Arthur had the power to talk to sea creatures, and his training with a trident. The fight with King Orm is also very good with a little spice of contention with Black Manta.

Aquaman Characters (90/100)
Aquaman is played by Jason Momoa, we’ve seen him appear in Justice League and we know he never cared about anything. Momoa is very good at playing the badass Arthur. Although his hair is not like in the comics version, his body and arrogant stature really suits Arthur.

In addition there is also Amber Heard who plays the character Mera. He is the main attraction for the DC film this time. Not only her beautiful face, her acting as a princess of one of the kingdoms in the ocean is also very good. In this film, we can see a lot of Mera’s actions controlling the water and chasing like in the trailer.

The villain himself, Patrick Wilson is quite good at playing the character of King Orm. He displays how arrogant he is to be the ruler of the ocean and his hatred for Arthur because of his mother’s death.

Aquaman Music (88/100)
In terms of music, some scenes are made to be very relaxing with the right score. Moreover, directed by Wan, there are several scenes that get a touch of horror with a scary score. In addition, there are several songs that are very fitting to play for Aquaman.

Well, this is the Aquaman review that we can give, of course we try to be as economical as possible to give spoilers. Once again we emphasize, this is the author’s judgment after watching the film. If you haven’t watched Aquaman, book a ticket right away and go to the nearest cinema. In addition, this film does not have a pst-credit scene. Thank You!