Aquaman producer humiliates and denies Amber Heard and reminds her that her role “has always had little weight”

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Walter Hamada , executive producer of the Aquaman saga and the corporate president of DC, has denied and responded to several statements by the controversial actress Amber Heard, where she claimed that the company wanted to strip her of her role as ‘Mera’ due to her legal conflict with Johnny Depp.

Amber Heard had assured that she was almost fired from Aquaman 2 because of her ex-husband Johnny Depp, and that her role in her role in the saga had been losing weight in successive rewrites, to the point that she only appears 10 minutes in the film. .

And now, Walter Hamada has made it very clear that this decision to reduce the importance of Mera in the film was made “from a very early stage of development”, since it was decided then that the new James Wan feature film would be a buddy movie . centered on the characters played by Jason Momoa and Patrick Wilson. Completely denying Heard’s version.

Hamada has also insisted that Heard was never thought of in ‘Aquaman 2‘ because of all his problems with Depp. However, he confirmed what Jessica Kovacevic, the actress’s agent, had said that it was all due to the lack of chemistry he had with Momoa, to the point of highlighting the following regarding Heard’s participation in the film: