Aquaman & Mera’s Child Appears in Aquaman 2?

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Aquaman and Mera are two DC ocean superheroes that were first introduced in DC Comics. While Aquaman has debuted since the early 40s, Mera is his lover who debuted about twenty years later in 1963. Despite having different comic debuts, Aquaman and Mera both had the opportunity to appear in live action in movies. Aquaman (2018) is directed by James Wan, after Aquaman himself appeared first in the movie Justice League (2017).

The Aquaman movie itself is one of the most successful DC Extended Universe movies, which has managed to reap revenues of 16.7 trillion rupiah from a budget that only spent around 2.9 trillion rupiah. This success ultimately made Warner Bros. as the studio that oversees the franchise immediately gave the green light to Wan to work on the sequel. Officially titled Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, the sequel to Aquaman itself is planned to be released next year by bringing back the characters Aquaman from Jason Momoa and Mera from Amber Heard.

Recently, according to The Direct , it was reported that Arthur Curry aka Aquaman and Mera will have a child who is the successor to the underwater kingdom of Atlantis. There is no other additional information that explains whether this news is true or not, but it is stated that Aquaman’s son, Arthur Curry Jr. this will have a big impact on the story of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom aka Aquaman 2 . Until this news was released, WB itself still has not confirmed the truth of the rumors whether it is true that Aquaman and Mera will marry and have children.

In DC Comics itself, the child of Aquaman and Mera is first described in the comic Aquaman Vol. 8 #57 in 2020. Having the real name Andrina ‘Andy’ Curry, this Atlantis princess has a very tragic story because she was told that she was killed by one of Aquaman’s mortal enemies, namely David aka Black Manta. Sadly, Black Manta from Yahya Abdul-Mateen II has been confirmed to return in the upcoming Aquaman 2 movie, where he might deliberately kidnap Arthur Curry Jr..

If Arthur junior did appear in the movie and was about to be kidnapped by Black Manta, that premise might be used as Aquaman’s new motivation to return to the surface to save his daughter. Plus, previous rumors had suggested that Orm (Patrick Wilson) would team up with Aquaman at some point, maybe he’d help save his nephew. We’ll just prove the truth when the movie Aquaman 2 airs on March 17, 2023.