Appeared four times at Rakuten’s opening ceremony. Akihiko Honma , a local talent who knows all about the charm of Miyagi, talks about the “mountain of treasure” of the farm.


Akihiko Honma, a talent and radio personality who is active mainly in local programs in Miyagi prefecture, is also a baseball boy and has been enthusiastically supporting Rakuten Eagles since its inception. He released a CD officially approved by the team, “DREAM OF EAGLES ~ Make your dreams come true”, and appeared four times at the opening ceremony at Rakuten Seimei Park Miyagi. What is the way to enjoy Eagles and the farm that he knows only because he is a hardcore fan who records all games of both the 1st and 2nd teams.

I’ve been playing baseball since I was in elementary school and loved watching it. It was a giant game that was broadcast on the terrestrial TV, so you’ve always been a Giants fan.

It turned out that a team called Rakuten would come to Miyagi in December 2004, and I had no choice but to support it. Giants fans quit slamming (laughs)

Miyagi Prefecture originally has baseball soil, and baseball fever is very high. Tohoku High School and Ikuei Sendai are ranked high in Koshien, and many players have advanced to professional baseball from Tohoku Fukushi University. At Tohoku High School, there are three major leaguers, Kazuhiro Sasaki, Takashi Saito, and Yu Darvish. There are many sports boy teams and little senior teams.

Since Lotte has made Miyagi Stadium (currently Rakuten Seimei Park Miyagi) a quasi-franchise since 1973, I feel that something like the Pacific League soil has been created. It was the Pacific League game that Miyagi citizens casually went to see professional baseball. That’s why I’m wondering if I accepted it with a feeling like “Rakuten, Pacific League, OK” without any discomfort.

Personally, I had a strong desire to get excited together from the first year, so I talked with an artist named Satoru Sakamoto, “Let’s make a song.” “DREAM OF EAGLES . It’s an official song of the baseball team that I made by calling 100 listeners of the radio program I’m doing and having them do the chorus together.

Although I couldn’t win in the first year of the foundation, I felt the joy of going to see professional baseball live and it was really exciting. It’s a strange story, but it was exciting even if I lost. The Rakuten baseball team is doing it with the idea of ​​”let’s make it a ball park”, and if you go to the stadium, you can eat delicious food and there are some events. Anyway, it was like “Professional baseball, thank you for coming!”

■ I want to take a closer look at the recording after going to the stadium
Not only the first army but also the second army will go to see it. I often go to Rifu Stadium, which is closer to my home (Rakuten Eagles) than the home of “Welfam Foods Forest Dori Stadium Izumi”.

Kami has a higher baseball fever and is invited to go to the farm today. Originally, I was a strange person who wanted to be a female professional wrestler, and I don’t think I especially liked baseball.

When he put his son in the Sports Boy Scouts, he picked him up, took care of him, and cheered on the game, and he became more and more fond of baseball. Now it ’s Eagles ’s life. You think the farm players are their children or grandchildren.

My home is SKY PerfecTV! Kami has recorded all the games that are being broadcast not only by the 1st army but also by the 2nd army. So even in day game games, I also check it after I come home.

Rakuten’s farm broadcast is “other power application”. Although it can be seen when playing against Nippon-Ham Fighters in Kamagaya or at the Giants Stadium, Rakuten’s home games are rarely broadcast. There may be various reasons, but SKY PerfecTV! I think it would be nice if it was broadcast, so let me tell you at this opportunity (laughs)

■ “Farm players are full of individuality”
Looking at the farm, I feel that it is truly a treasure trove. You can see young players who will support the team from now on, and mid-level players who are likely to break this year. One of the attractions is that you can see it with your own eyes.

Farm players are full of personality. For example, the control is not good, but the ball is fast anyway. The ball is very slow, but the control is good. It’s hard to hit the bat, but the swing is amazing. He doesn’t play an active part at all, but for some reason he’s a handsome guy. The voice is huge. Anyway, there are a lot of interesting players in the farm.

■ Dora 1 ・ “Guardian’s point of view” to Anraku
Anraku (Tomohiro) is also an impressive player from the perspective of the farm. He came in first in the draft in 2014, but he wasn’t very active. He changed the pitching form and tried and errored in the second army all the time, and he was looking at it from the guardian’s point of view, “Is it okay? Change it like that.