Apart from Seungha, Somyi, the former K-Pop group DIA, is also involved in adult entertainment


The K-Pop idol who finally decided to enter the world of adult entertainment was not only Seungha . It is known, a former DIA member named Somyi has also retired as a K-Pop idol and became a BJ (Broadcasting Jockey) on an adult streaming site.
Previously, Somyi was known to have not participated in DIA’s comeback for almost three years. He last made a comeback with DIA through Woowa which was released in March 2019.

Then in November 2021, Somyi made a surprising public appearance as a BJ on the PandaTV streaming site Chomyi. This of course shocked the public. Especially after that, he was officially announced to leave DIA. https://zenodo.org/communities/padre-no-hay-mas-que-uno-3-online/?page=1&size=20

” Somyi canceled the contract with management due to health reasons,” said PocketDol Studio (a subsidiary of MBK Entertainment), which oversees DIA.

It is known, PandaTV has a negative stigma in South Korea. These streaming sites are known as sites that display adult content.

In PandaTV, female BJs are known to often broadcast by wearing sexy clothes to attract attention. If any viewers are interested, they will send money to the BJs.

Shortly after Somyi emerged as an adult streamer, a fan’s comments suddenly became public attention. Twitter account user @cathyextol admits that he regrets having taken the time and money to support Somyi at DIA.

“For only 30,000 won (approximately Rp. 360 thousand), he will do the ‘Zero Two’ dance, so why did I go to the showcase and the fansign. Gosh, I’m going crazy thinking about the time and money I’ve spent,” said fans the.

“I bought a photocard of a female broadcasting jockey (Somyi) for 20,000 won (approximately Rp. 240 thousand)… I can’t believe it, I, an innocent high school student, have a photocard of a broadcasting jockey from PandaTV in my wallet,” he continued.

In his tweet, the fan hoped that Somyi would stop doing his activities as BJ PandaTV. He suggested a number of positive activities such as studying or taking certification.

Somyi debuted with DIA at the age of 17. He began to participate in a comeback since the Will You Go Out With Me era in 2017.