Apart from Police, These are Park Hyung Sik’s 4 Professions in Korean Dramas


Park Hyung Sik is one of the popular South Korean actors. Currently, he is busy with his latest drama comeback entitled Happiness . In this drama, Park Hyung Sik plays Jung Yi Hyun.

Jung Yi Hyun is a former athlete who became a police detective. He is a genius police officer who solves cases using logic. Because of this ability, he was asked to investigate cases of infectious diseases.

Prior to his career as an actor, Park Hyung Sik was a K-Pop idol from the group ZE:A. Then, he spread to the acting world with his acting debut through the SBS drama special entitled I Remember You in 2012.

Comeback acting as a policeman, these are the 4 professions played by Park Hyung Sik in several Korean dramas. Have you watched it yet?

1. High School Students – The Heirs (2013)

In his career as an actor, Park Hyung Sik’s name became known and popular when he starred in the drama The Heirs (2013). A popular drama of its time, this drama is about a group of high school students who come from a conglomerate and respectable family and are heirs to their parents’ wealth.


2. Store Department Director – High Society (2015)

High Society is a melodrama genre drama that aired on SBS station in 2015. This drama was written by writer Ha Myung Hee who also wrote dramas Doctors (2016) and Record of Youth (2020). In this drama, Park Hyung Sik competes with Uee, Sung Joon, and Lim Ji Yeon as Yoo Chang Soo.

Yoo Chang Soo is the director of a department store who was born into a conglomerate family. Yoo Chang Soo falls in love with a poor girl named Lee Ji Yi (Lim Ji Yeon). Despite being opposed by his family because of Lee Ji Yi’s poor family background, Yoo Chang Soo still fights for their love.

3. CEO of a gaming company – Strong Girl Bong Soon (2017)

Drama Strong Girl Bong Soon (2017) tells the story of Do Bong Soon (Park Bo Young), a woman who has super powers. Because of this, Ahn Min Hyuk (Park Hyung Sik) hires Do Bong Soon as his bodyguard .

Ahn Min Hyuk is a game company CEO who is the heir to a chaebol . Initially often fighting, Ahn Min Hyuk will live a romantic story until it ends happily with Do Bong Soon.

Drama Strong Girl Bong Soon (2017) is a comedy fantasy genre drama written by writer Baek Mi Kyung, who also wrote the hit drama Sky Castle (2018). Meanwhile, Lee Hyung Min is directing this drama. Bad Guy (2010), Orange Marmalade (2015) and Chocolate (2019) are some of the dramas he directed.

4. Lawyers – Suits (2018)

Suits (2018) is a Korean drama based on the United States series of the same name by Aaron Korsh. Legal genre, this drama stars senior actors Jang Dong Gun, Park Hyung Sik, Chae Jung An, Jin Hee Kyung, Ko Sung Hee and Choi Gwi Hwa.

In the drama Suits (2018), Park Hyung Sik plays Go Yeon Woo, an orphan who has the ability to remember everything he sees or reads. Because of his intelligence, he is recruited by lawyer Choi Kang Seok (Jang Dong Gun). Go Yeon Woo becomes a lawyer at a well-known law firm without a license as a lawyer.

From high school students to lawyers, that’s a row of professions played by Park Hyung Sik in Korean dramas . Park Hyung Sik has played a chaebol several times , including in The Heirs (2013) and High Society (2015). In his latest drama comeback , Park Hyung Sik plays a genius police detective.

Of the various professions he plays, which character do you like the most? Comment below, yes.