Anya Taylor-Joy wants to shave her head for her next movie

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The actress will play Furiosa, a character that Charlize Theron brought to life in Mad Max: Fury Road, a role in which she does not mind losing her long and beautiful hair

Everything seems to indicate that Anya Taylor-Joy has no problem with shaving her head to play the next leading role of her career.

According to a member of the production of the film Furiosa, which will star the British actress, Anya could cut her hair to give her character more realism in the prequel to Mad Max: Fury Road , reported

Anya Taylor-Joy could be following in the footsteps of Charlize Theron when in the coming months she becomes Furiosa, the main character of the film of the same name that the British actress will bring to life.

According to Jenny Beavan, the film’s costume designer, Anya Taylor-Joy is willing to shave her head to play the part, just as Charlize did in Mad Max: Fury Road, in which the character debuted on the big screen. , as revealed by People.

“She wants to do it, but director George Miller doesn’t want her to. So I don’t know if she does it or not, ”said the costume designer in an interview.

People recalled that in the past, Anya Taylor-Joy stated that she was in love with the character because of the way Charlize Theron presented her in the public eye and that she felt honored and grateful to be chosen to play her in the prequel to the series. film that starred the South African actress with Tom Hardy.

“I fell in love with Furiosa because of the way Charlize presented her. She did an amazing job and it was so beautiful that I can’t even think about trying to put myself in her shoes.

“It has to be something different because it just can’t be matched,” Anya told the Happy Sad Confused podcast when it was revealed that she would be starring in the film.

The problem that Anya could face in order to be able to shave her hair and thus get deeply into her character, is the contract that she has as an ambassador for the Dior brand, since very surely such a drastic change of image would not be well received and could bring her some legal conflicts.