Antonio Conte’s Mad Debut With Tottenham Hotspur


Antonio Conte made his debut as Tottenham Hotspur manager with a win. For Conte, his first match with Tottenham was a crazy match.

The Italian man was officially appointed as the new Spurs manager on November 2, 2021. Antonio Conte replaced the sacked Nuno Espirito Santo, following the minor results obtained by The Lilywhites.

After officially sitting in the chair of Tottenham Hotspur manager , Conte led his team to face Vitesse Arnhem, in the fourth match of Group G Europa Conference League at Tottenham Hotspur, Friday (5/11/2021) early morning WIB.

In that duel, Tottenham won 3-2 over Vitesse. The three Spurs goals were scored by Son Heung-Min in the 14th minute, Lucas Moura in the 22nd minute, and an own goal by Jacob Rasmussen in the 28th minute.

Meanwhile, two Vitesse goals were scored by Jacob Rasmussen in the 32nd minute and Matus Bero in the 39th minute.

In addition to creating five goals, the duel Tottenham Hotspur versus Vitesse Arnhem was also colored by three red cards. Spurs defender Cristian Romero got the first red card in the 59th minute.

The other two red cards were obtained by two Vitesse players, namely Danilho Doekhi in the 80th minute and Markus Schubert in the 84th minute.

Crazy Debut
Antonio Conte called his first game as Tottenham Hotspur managera crazy debut. Because the match was decorated with many goals and red cards.

“It was a crazy game. Usually I don’t like this type of game, crazy games mean anything can happen.

“We won 3-0 then conceded two goals which we could have avoided. After the red card we were in trouble. Winning while suffering is good for this team, these players,” he continued.

Keep Asa to Escape
Thanks to the victory over Vitesse, Tottenham Hotspur are now in second place in Group G of the Europa Conference League with seven points. They are three points behind Rennes who occupy the top position.

With two games remaining, Tottenham still have a chance to qualify for the last 16. However, Spurs must win in the last two matches in Group G.

They are scheduled to meet Mura on November 25, 2021, and Rennes on December 10.

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Welcome, Conte. That’s the writing on most of the banners that spread among the audience for the Tottenham Hotspur versus Vitesse match , early this morning WIB. Of course, the figure in question is Antonio Conte , the new Spurs coach.

The banner is not empty, but there are other frills. There is the club logo, the Italian flag, the moment Conte was introduced to the public to the love logo. All of that led to one, namely the hope that Tottenham Hotspur could stretch, both at the level of the English League and European caste.

Antonio Conte responded positively to all this support with real results at the start. Not being able to immediately use all the assistant coaches brought from Italy, Conte was able to insert his style of play into Song Heung-min et al, including the selection of starters.

As a result, Tottenham Hotspur beat the Dutch representative with a score of 3-2. One thing that caught the attention was the ‘brutality’ of Antonio Conte’s inaugural match on English soil.

In addition to the five goals that were created, Conte’s debut for Spurs saw three red cards: one for his team, and two for the opposing side. Spurs’ Cristian Romero had to leave the field in the 59th minute after fouling Loïs Openda.

Hot atmosphere
At that time, the atmosphere was already hot in the field. Understandably, Spurs’ three-goal advantage was almost equalized by the opponent. The Lilywhites were in front thanks to goals from Son Heung-Min (14′), Lucas Moura (22′) and kills Jacob Rasmussen (28′).

The last name fully paid for his mistake after tearing the Spurs goal in the 32nd minute. Seven minutes later, Matus Bero reduced the goal difference. After that, the second half was hot and brutal thanks to three red cards that came out of the referee’s pocket.

Besides Cristian Romerto, two other players were Danilho Doekhi in the 80th minute and Vitesse goalkeeper Markus Schubert. The goalkeeper had to leave after clearing the ball outside his area in the 84th minute.

Antonio Conte admits that his first match with Tottenham Hotspur was extraordinary. He did not expect the three-goal advantage to almost be chased by Vitesse in just 10 minutes.

In the second half, we had to work hard for about 30 minutes armed with only 10 players. I give high appreciation to the players,” said Conte.

Now, the Tottenham Hotspur public and football lovers around the world will be waiting for the next lunge. Yup, this weekend, Antonio Conte will lead his troops to visit Everton headquarters in the 2021/2022 Premier League .