Anime that Makes Motivated to Pursue Dreams, Inspirational!


More and more, anime presents stories with a variety of genre choices. Starting from the action genre , slice of life, romance, to thriller, all of them have stories with their own interesting points. Instead of presenting spectacle without context, there are many anime that also provide life lessons for the audience.

This time the author will review five anime that are quite interesting. These five anime have inspiring storylines that can make you more motivated to pursue your dreams. What anime will be on this list? Let’s see one by one!

Assassination Classroom : Being the worst is not an excuse to be discriminated against. Apparently, this is the moral message to be conveyed in the Assassination Classroom anime . This anime school wrapped in the slice of life genre does provide many valuable lessons that are packed with excellent stories.

The anime, also titled Ansatsu Kyoushitsu , tells the story of class 3-E, an outcast class at Kunugigaoka Middle School which is famous for its elite and produces excellent students. Behind the popularity of this school, the system implemented to trigger enthusiasm for learning is to place students who fail in one class. Because of this, class 3-E was labeled the worst class, exiled, and discriminated against by the rest of the class.

The turning point in the fate of Class 3-E is when a new teacher comes to their school. This teacher is not an ordinary teacher, but an octopus-shaped creature who is the target of the government for destroying the Moon. Nicknamed as Koro-sensei, he would later teach Class 3-E various things and improve their grades. Meanwhile, class 3-E only has one mission from the government, which is to kill their teacher within one year.

Blue Period : Blue Period is an anime that airs on Netflix streaming media on September 25, 2021. Having the slice of life genre combined with coming of age , the process of self-maturation in achieving dreams is indeed the main focus in Blue Period .

This anime tells the story of a high school student named Yatora Yaguchi. He has an appearance that looks like a bad boy who likes to hang out with his friends. However, Yatora still diligently goes to school and gets good grades, in contrast to his appearance. Even though he is a smart student, Yatora feels something is empty in his life and is initially not interested in anything. Finally, he was introduced to the world of painting.

Yatora also showed his interest in painting. He was also determined to pursue painting and enrolled at the famous Tokyo University of the Arts. Yatora’s struggle is also difficult because of his lack of experience and understanding in painting. Not to mention the many rivals and natural talent that made him depressed because of his own dreams.

Barakamon : Changing yourself into a more positive person can also be a motivation to produce the best work. Barakamon tells a similar story with a light and comedic storyline. This anime, which was released on July 6, 2014 is very suitable to watch as self healing.

Anime Barakamon tells the story of a famous calligrapher named Seish Handa. During an exhibition, Handa beat up an old curator for not accepting criticism of his calligraphy. To reflect on his actions, Handa is sent to a small island called Goto and stays there temporarily.

During his stay on Goto Island, Handa finds a different life from his life in Tokyo. He met friendly locals and helped him tidy up. He also meets nosy children who often enter his house secretly. Initially annoyed, Handa begins to enjoy his time on Goto Island. He began to change from being so arrogant at first to a calligrapher with a better and positive personality.