[Anime Review] Code Breaker


I just finished watching Code:Breaker, and as usual I want to share a review based on my opinion after watching it with the help of data from several other sites, here it is..^^

Title : Code:Breaker
Release Date : October 7, 2012
Episodes : 12
Duration : 24 Minutes per Eps
Story Source : Manga
Studio : Kinema Citrus, venom carnage


One day, while on the bus, Sakurakouji Sakura looked out the window, and to her great surprise, she saw a group of people on fire with someone her age in the middle of the group. The next day Sakura who went to school came to the scene of last night’s incident, and there were no signs of murder, only small fire marks around there. He also continued to go to school, until there he met a transfer student named Oogami Rei, who turned out to have the same face as the person Sakura saw last night at the scene. Moreover, Rei seems to be a mysterious student, he wears a black glove on his left hand, as if hiding something. It turns out that Rei is a Code: Breaker, someone who has supernatural abilities. He is a murderer who has the principle of “Eye for an Eye”, which means that evil is used to fight evil. But Sakura knows that Rei is not a bad person and tries to understand her feelings to penetrate her cold heart.

Taking the theme of teenagers who have special powers, who carry out their duties as government agents to kill criminals who are not touched by the law. maybe a bit mainstream as a theme, but Kamijyo Akimine as the storyteller is able to make this Code:Breaker story very interesting to follow because the story is deep and has interesting and unique characters. each Code:Breaker has their own background and reasons for working as a Code:Breaker. The dense and fast storyline does not make this anime too serious, because the interactions between the unique characters are sometimes quite entertaining. When explored in depth, the story of Code: Breaker actually has a very deep humanitarian element, where we are faced with the question of which principle is right, whether the principle of Ogami who kills criminals indiscriminately, or the principle of Sakura who considers any evil, one should not killed.

In terms of characterization, the characters in Code:Breaker are quite diverse and have their own characteristics and uniqueness which have been explored quite well, especially the characters of each member of Code:Breaker such as: Hitomi with electric powers, Heike with light powers, Yuuki with supersonic powers, Toki with magnetic powers, Rui with shadow powers, Ogami with blue fire powers, and Sakura are often called “rare breeds” by Code:Breakers because their special powers have no effect on them, and the cause of this is still a mystery until the last episode.

For animation and special effects, Code:Breaker also has a fairly high quality, because the animation is sharp and detailed even for fast and complicated scenes, with the effects of each special abilities that Code:Breakers have which are also good and detailed, such as Toki’s magnetic power effect and Ogami’s blue flame power.

The opening was titled “Dark Shame” by Granrodeo which also contributed the song “Can Do!” and “Rimfire” for Kuroko no Basuke and Ending from Kenichi Suzumura who is also Toki’s voice actor entitled “Shiroi Karasu”, successfully bringing the image of this Code:Breaker anime. (The OP and ED sequences are awesome!). In addition, the song “BGM” during the battle scene, especially in the last episode, successfully gave me goosebumps when watching, making the last episode a fairly “majestic” ending even though the journey was short.

Storyline : 8.5 / 10
Character : 9 / 10
Art : 9 / 10
Ost : 9.2 / 10
Code:Breaker : 8.9 / 10

Judging from the ending of the last episode, it is very likely that a season 2 of this anime will be made and hopefully it will be made, because Code: Breaker really deserves a continuation season because there are still many things that can be deepened and clarified from the interesting stories of the Code: Breakers, especially about Sakura and Ogami’s past and how their relationship continues.