Anime Review Ballroom e Youkoso


Are you looking for an anime that is unique and different from the others in 2017? Try to watch Ballroom e Youkoso. This anime is quite unique, here you can see what anime with the real From Zero to Hero theme looks like.

Title : Ballroom e Youkoso
Release Date : 9 July 2017
Episodes : 24
Duration : 24 Minutes per Eps
Genre : Comedy, Sports, Drama, Romance, School, Shounen
Story Source : Manga
Studio : Production I.G

This anime tells the story of Tatara Fujita, a middle school student in her third year who doesn’t know what to do after graduation. While on the way, a group of naughty youths harassed him and was helped by a tall man who turned out to be a Ballroom Dancer. The man then took Tatara to the Ogasawara Dance Studio. There he also meets Hanaoka Shizuku, a beautiful girl who was originally liked by Tatara. Slowly but surely, Tatara finally found what was his destiny, namely as a dancer.

For the story part, it’s very exciting and motivating. As said above, this anime carries the Zero to Hero theme which is very full of drama. So you will see how the adventures of the main character, starting from zero, can finally compete with those who are experts. In addition, the struggle to achieve it all is not easy. So, for the story, it seems that there are no more problems and it is very entertaining. Unfortunately for its inaugural season in Summer 2017 it’s still a bit of a drag, just wait for it to continue.

The characterizations and depictions of the characters are pretty good. The seiyuu really appreciate their respective roles. You will find many types of characters in this anime, such as the motivator of the main character, rivals, friends but rivals, and partners. Well, the character problem is already very good. My favorite character in Ballroom e Youkoso is Akagi Mako, voiced by Morohoshi Sumire, beautiful bro, whether Mako or Sumire.

For some people, the graphics of this anime may seem a little strange but unique. Actually the graphics are quite good, it’s just that the unique design and rarely found in other anime makes the viewers feel a little strange, especially the depiction of a slightly “longer” body shape but that is the characteristic of a dancer. Even though it’s good, unfortunately there are some scenes that show stiffness, but only a little.

Well this is what made me fall in love with this anime even more. Honestly, every OST presented in this anime is very good and it’s true, both the Opening and Ending match the Dance theme that is raised. It tends to make us more enthusiastic with the opening and the ending makes us relax, very fitting when after watching this anime with a heavy drama. For the list of songs, hmm, just google it ^-^

Storyline : 9.5 / 10
Character : 7.8 / 10
Art : 7.2 / 10
Ost : 8 / 10
Ballroom e Youkoso : 8.1 / 10

So overall, this anime made by Production I.G Studio is really worth watching for those who like Zero to Hero anime. Well even though the journey is still very long, but just wait for it to continue. Well, the best for this one anime. Oh yes, this anime is actually quite simple. The whole story only focuses on the main character, Fujita Tatara, in achieving his dream to become the best dancer with his partner, so of course it’s not hard to digest.