Anime Characters Who Use Their Powers When Unconscious


Each character in the anime has their own uniqueness, especially in expressing their strengths. As we know, some clichés in anime such as the power of friendship, anger, a sense of protection are common things that make a character’s strength increase drastically.

However, it’s different again, with the following five anime characters. Some of these anime characters actually use their strength to the fullest in unusual conditions, namely when they are unconscious.

Curious who the anime characters are? Let’s take a look at the reviews one by one!

1. Agatsuma Zenitsu – Demon Slayer
It’s no secret that Zenitsu is one of the most cowardly characters in the Demon Slayer anime . Although the character is told as a coward who doesn’t have the courage to face demons and often whines, it doesn’t mean that Zenitsu’s character is weak, you know.

Because of the fear of dealing with demons, Zenitsu often loses consciousness when fighting. When he faints, Zenitsu can actually bring out his true power brilliantly. Being a demon hunter and user of lightning breathing, his ability to move very quickly and accurately can easily defeat demons.


2. Alluka Zoldyck – Hunter x Hunter
When in an unconscious state, the youngest child in the Zoldyck family can turn into Nanika. The existence and origin of Nanika is not explained in detail in Hunter x Hunter. However, its power was definitely terrifying.

Alluka will make various requests to certain people, from easy to more difficult scale. He can even ask for unnatural things like organs. If the person refuses, then he will be destroyed by Nanika. However, if the person succeeds in fulfilling all of Alluka’s requests, Nanika will grant one wish. This ability does have a risk that is proportional to the reward.

Even so, the thing that makes Nanika even scarier is the number of victims she can eliminate when the request becomes bigger.


3. Yuu Otosaka – Charlotte
Yuu Otosaka from the Charlotte anime is known as a cheater who has hidden powers. He can enter a person’s body within 5 seconds. When he uses his power, Yuu will also be unconscious for 5 seconds.

Although only 5 seconds, this power managed to make Yuu have the title as a smart student. Of course, the title was successfully obtained because Yuu cheated by possessing the smart students in his class.

Although initially this power is used for bad things, in fact Yuu’s power is not only possessed by other people. He also seems to be able to steal other people’s powers that are possessed by him.


4. Cavendish – One Piece
Cavendish’s strength is not very impressive in a conscious state. He is a narcissistic and attention-grabbing pirate in the One Piece anime series . However, if he is asleep, Cavendish can change into another person named Hakuba.

When this alterego awakens, Cavendish will transform into a more sinister appearance with drastically increased strength and speed. He was able to defeat the fighters in the Corrida Colosseum with ease.


5. Vinegar Doppio – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
Vinegar Doppio also changes into another figure within him when he is unconscious. He can transform into Diavolo, one of the strongest Stand users and a criminal in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure series .

Diavolo’s stand is King Crimson. The stand was very strong with tremendous physical strength. Apart from relying on physical strength, this Stand’s ability can also erase up to 10 seconds of time and predict what will happen for the next 10 seconds.

Despite having some limitations, King Crimson makes Diavolo invincible in battle because he can predict what moves the enemy will make next.