Anime Characters Who Stay Strong Despite Disease


Not a few of the anime characters are shown with perfect looks and physical conditions. Like humans, they also want a good life both physically and mentally. However, some of them have to accept the harsh reality, whether it’s because of illness from birth or experiencing tragic events in the past.

This can make their strength limited and can not be issued optimally due to the diseases they suffer. Even so, in fact they are still able to make trouble for their opponents, you know!

Well, here are a series of anime characters who remain strong even though they are hampered by illness. Guess who they are? Here’s the review!


Kimimaro (Naruto) : Kimimaro is one shinobi member S ound Four whose strength can not be doubted. He had troubled Garra and Rock Lee, in fact, almost killed them with the strength of his bones. However, behind his strength, he is a ninja who suffers from a deadly disease.

Kimimaro had long suffered from tuberculosis that attacked his lungs so that he had to die a horrific death. His body was not used by Orochimaru due to the disease he was suffering from. Despite suffering from a deadly disease, he can still provide a strong resistance to Konoha shinobi , even to Naruto though.

Izumi Curtis (Fullmetal Alchemist) : Izumi is one of the strongest members in FMA. He is even stronger than his two students, Edward and AI. However, health problems caused him to lose several organs, resulting in coughing up blood which made his condition worse.

The disease he suffered from was caused by the human transmutation he did to bring the baby to life. Unfortunately, Izumi had to die a gruesome death before the Conqueror of Shamballa . Even so, in every fight against his enemies, Izumi is still able to provide a very fierce resistance.

Jushiro Ukitake (Bleach) : Ukitake is a captain of Bleach who has enormous potential power. Unfortunately, just like Kimimaro, since childhood Ukitake has been suffering from a deadly TB disease that attacks his lungs.

Although his illness often torments him, Ukitake is still part of the strongest Shinigami as a member of the Gotei 13 in Soul Society. The great power he has seems to be used entirely for survival and is used to fight with his enemies.


All Might (My Hero Academia) : All Might is a My Hero Academia hero whose existence is the most influential and can inspire other heroes. However, after the battle with All For One in the past, All Might suffered an injury so severe that it made it difficult for him to maintain his true form for a long time.

Although it has been treated and declared cured, All Might’s power is only valid for a limited time and gets worse after fighting All For One. This causes All Might to be trapped in his normal form as well as having various kinds of health problems. Even so, he is still very strong despite the disease. He also remains meritorious as a hero for the common people.