Anime Boruto After Episode 293 Will Have a Long Hiatus


A report says that the anime Boruto: Naruto Next Generations will be on a long hiatus. A trusted leaking source said that the series will not air this spring. This report has not been confirmed by Studio Pierrot which produced Boruto.

Boruto, which is a continuation of the original Naruto story, focuses on the figure of Boruto, Naruto’s son. As a genin, he and two of his friends, Sarada and Mitsuki, are members of Team 7 led by Konohamaru. Then, an encounter with a member of the Otsutsuki clan changed Boruto’s fate.

The anime first aired in April 2017. Since then, the series has not been on hiatus. So, if Boruto decides to take a break from broadcasting, it will be the first time in 6 years.

The Twitter account Anime News And Facts, which is quite reliable, reports that the Boruto anime will be on hiatus from next April. Currently, the series has released 290 episodes. This means that with three episodes to come, the anime’s final episode will air on Sunday, March 26th.

This week, Boruto episode 291, entitled Control, will air on March 12. Then, episode 292, titled Desire, on March 19. Finally, Boruto episode 293 entitled Farewell aired on March 26 2023. The title of episode 293 seems to adequately describe the current condition of the anime.

It is not yet known how long Boruto will be on hiatus. However, several sources said, the hiatus was scheduled to last for three months. This timeframe should give the anime enough time to get three more chapters of the manga.

Boruto is currently narrating the Code Attack story arc. In the manga, this arc spans from chapters 56-71, currently the manga is in chapter 78. The episodes that will air this week are adapted from chapters 61-63 of the manga. So, if the news about the hiatus is true, then it makes sense because not enough content from the manga to be adapted into an anime isn’t enough.

Quoting SportsKeeda, because the anime catches up with the manga too fast, there is a possibility that the series will turn into a multi-season anime so that the production team can have enough time and resources to continue this series. Moreover, there is news that Boruto’s contract with TV Tokyo has ended. This could also be an opportunity to renew the contract or change the terms of the contract.

This Code story arc mainly revolves around Code, the new leader of Kara and the failed resurrected vessel Isshiki Otsutsuki. Kara consists of many celestial beings. One of them is Otsutsuki who came to earth a long time ago to consume the life energy and genetic material of earthlings then evolve into a god.

The clan has a close connection with the Naruto series. In the series, they are responsible for the birth of all eye powers. The parasitic life form has the power to mark anyone with a karma seal and turn them into a whole vessel to resurrect any Otsutsuki who has died. This is a dilemma for Boruto who is currently the container in the series.

The current arc mentions that Code will continue to be the main villain after the arc. He will take revenge on the shinobi world and bearers of the Mark of Karma because he failed to become a true vessel. This event also shows that Boruto has lost control of the Karma Mark.

Meanwhile, the Otsutsuki within him had almost taken complete control. This indicates the return of the dead villain, Momoshiki Otsutsuki. The story after that is definitely more intensive, if indeed it is adapted after a hiatus.

The majority of fans don’t seem to mind the hiatus. They understand that the studio needs time and manga content to present a good episode with good animation. If the anime doesn’t go on hiatus, fans will surely be given a long filler episode before the canon content can be animated.

Studio Pierrot is a studio that produces a number of popular anime—and often has very long hiatus. The studio stopped producing the Black Clover series several years ago and will release the film in June 2023. The anime series is rumored to be returning in 2024. The Black Clover manga is currently in its final arc. Meanwhile, last year, Pierrot adapted the final arc of Bleach, Thousand Year Blood War, after the anime was on hiatus for 10 years.