Andy Serkis Explains His Role in ‘The Batman’


Alfred Pennyworth’s background is explained by Andy Serkis, and he also reveals his contribution to the classic character

On an occasion with The Hollywood Reporter, Andy Serkis shared his story about Alfred Pennyworth’s character in ‘The Batman.’

The BAFTA award-winning actor appears in Matt Reeves’ dark-style detective story as Alfred Pennyworth, portrayed here as a sort of caretaker for Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson).

Much like the rest of the film, Alfred is portrayed as far from the other butler characters, he is here portrayed as an older and loving person who has been portrayed on the big screen by the likes of the late Michael Gough and Michael Caine.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter at the Warner Bros premiere, Andy Serkis shared more of his character’s backstory, as it appears that Alfred is more of a bodyguard to Thomas and Martha Wayne than the caretaker role he takes on. Alfred is clearly living a dangerous life, and Serkis tries to explain some of the preparations he made and how he developed his character.

According to Serkis, “Alfred is very strange. As a military man, he was familiar with rules and regulations, structure and precision. I want him to have military solidity in the way he dresses and carries himself, which is rigged with Bruce’s nihilism and refusal to listen to him again. It’s a relationship built on changing sands.”

Unlike Alfred Caine’s character in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, ‘Dark Knight’. Alfred sometimes clashes with Bruce (Christian Bale), but the relationship is still much more loving and light. But in the universe of ‘The Batman’, Bruce and Alfred’s bond is quite tattered, the two men pushing each other over their values.

That is, until Alfred is almost killed by a bomb from the Riddler (Paul Dano) aimed at Bruce. The two men reconcile in the hospital as Bruce admits he is afraid of losing his only friend and confidant, while he also tries to find out the truth about what his late father was so imperfect.

Serkis told THR of the emotional moment, “It was a difficult scene, actually and We tried to map it through different ways. We played a different version with the more vulnerable Alfred. And yes, we managed to finish it like you see in the movies.”

Regarding Alfred’s impeccable physique and attire, Serkis said he had a lot of input that he tried to apply. According to him, “The stick is written directly. But Matt told his character he was retiring from the military, so I thought of suggesting a facial scar,” said Serkis. “The collaborative costume, I really wanted it. That’s despite the fact that Wayne’s tower fell, but Alfred survived by having a firm, sharp outfit.” he added.

‘The Batman’ so far has won 85 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, and got 90 percent of the audience score. The film has also generated some Oscar buzz for next year’s competition. Andy Serkis who has also appeared in two Marvel Studios films, including the nominee for best film ‘Black Panther’, feels right and hopes that the Academy will finally give the best appreciation for superhero films that they feel they deserve.

This is according to his words, “The art in this film, the level of precision in the design and cinematography. This is not just a work of art, but a story that speaks to millions of people,” said Serkis. “I think it’s about time the Academy supported a film of this scale, one that could reach the largest audience globally. They may not be movies from the little art house that feel worthy, but in this case the story is as compelling and powerful as anything I could think of this year. I think it’s a growing understanding that these films, which are stories of our time and speak to such a wide audience, need to be supported and rewarded.”

That’s how Andy Serkis views his role in the latest film ‘The Batman’, if Cilers hasn’t had the chance to watch it, maybe this can help complete your understanding before watching ‘The Batman’.