Andrea Dovizioso Names Fabio Quartararo the Best MotoGP Rider 2021


Since defending Petronas Yamaha SRT in the San Marino Series, Andrea Dovizioso has not hidden his admiration for Fabio Quartararo . Now both driving the YZR-M1, although different versions, Dovizioso has access to read El Diablo data . According to him, Quartararo is the best rider with the best bike.

Dovizioso and Quartararo had previously shared the track in 2019 and 2020, but at that time Dovizioso was still with Ducati, so he could only ‘read’ Quartararo’s performance from an external point of view. Now we can see what Quartararo has done on the M1, it is Dovizioso who has learned a lot.

As is known, since the San Marino Series, Dovizioso returned to Yamaha for the first time since 2012, after an adventure with Ducati for eight seasons. In the five series this year, he only rides the 2019 version of the M1. However, for him this is not a problem, because his current target is to adapt to the M1 again.

Fabio Quartararo Rides a Yamaha in a Special Way
Their bike is very different from my previous bike. This is crucial because I have to know what the tires, electronics and this bike are ‘requesting’. After that, then I can ride the way I want This is the most difficult thing,” said ‘Dovi’ via, Tuesday (12/10/2021).

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This three-time MotoGP runner-up does not deny that the M1 has advantages in chassis agility and braking performance, which Yamaha riders have always praised. However, to bring out his potential from other areas, Dovizioso still needs to learn. Currently Quartararo is also the main reference.

You have to do it in a special way, and Fabio did that all this year. the best MotoGP bike,” he said.

Japanese mentality is different from Italy
Starting from post-season testing at Jerez, November 18-19, Dovizioso will get the 2022 version of the factory M1 such as Quartararo and Franco Morbidelli. This 35-year-old rider will also be directly involved in the development of the bike, as Yamaha engineers try to draw a lot of information from his experience with Ducati.

“The mentality of Japanese people is very different (from Italy), but they are very open and interested in listening to my comments, because I have a different experience. Now we have to stay calm and try to understand things before I say whatever I think about the bike.” 2004 GP125 world champion.

“At the end of the season, I will have a factory bike, and I will know how much it is different from this season’s bike. After that, we will prepare for next season. So this is our target. How far can I be competitive? I don’t know yet. , but right now I’m not worried,” concluded Dovizioso.

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Andrea Dovizioso: It feels ‘weird’ to be a partner with Valentino Rossi

Andrea Dovizioso and Valentino Rossi have been rivals in MotoGP since 2008, but the two have always gotten along and have never had a fight, and often practice motocross together. Uniquely, this year both of them have become the most experienced riders and have teamed up on the Petronas Yamaha SRT for the last five series.

Dovizioso and Rossi have even been rivals since their days competing in the Italian minimoto event. During their time in MotoGP, they always defended different manufacturers, and now they are a team. Through Corsedimoto, Friday (8/10/2021), ‘Dovi’ also admitted that he felt a strange sensation in tandem with Rossi, but also felt honored.

“It feels strange, because Vale has always been in the factory that I was against, and he has always been my rival. However, I am honored to work with him. Vale is very charismatic. He brings a lot of new situations to MotoGP. Everyone adapts to things. that he brought,” said the 35-year-old rider.

Valentino Rossi Doesn’t Say ‘Goodbye’
Dovizioso also believes Rossi, who will retire at the end of this season, will leave a great legacy in MotoGP. “Over the last few years his performances have not been good, and people in the paddock can think anything about him. But what he has done, and what he will leave, means a lot,” he said.

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This three-time MotoGP runner-up also revealed a funny moment when he was about to vacuum at the end of November 2020 in Portimao. At that time, most rivals met Dovizioso to say goodbye because they thought he would retire. Uniquely, Rossi was the only rider who did not meet him.

This was also acknowledged by Rossi himself through Sky Sport last August, when rumors of Dovizioso being his tandem began to emerge to the public. ” said the nine-time world champion.

Prevent Confrontation with Marc Marquez
Dovizioso also confirmed this, and admitted that he also had no intention of saying goodbye to Rossi because at that time The Doctor had not decided to hang up his helmet. “After the race, everyone said goodbye to me, but Vale didn’t. But at that time he also had not announced his decision to retire,” he said.

In the same interview, ‘Dovi’ also talked about Marc Marquez, the rider who became his fiercest opponent in the 2017 2018 and 2019 title races. Although so far he hasn’t had a wheel-to-wheel duel yet , Dovizioso admits that he is happy to always have a good and sporty relationship with him. the eight-time world champion.