[ANALYSIS] Sound in Vietnamese films (Part 1) – Consistent parallelism between market music and film soundtracks

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When the soundtrack (OST) encroached on the market music race and vice versa.

Sound is an indispensable part of movies today because of its emotional conveyance. Adding vibrancy to movie images also makes the role of sound extremely important. In the past few years, the music market has officially “welcomed” the “rookies” of the soundtrack, which has been extremely active, many OSTs have achieved very high rankings on the market music charts. demonstrated the audience’s attraction as well as the audience’s perception of music when watching the movie, which has improved significantly. On the contrary, the market songs that have been around for a long time have recently been remade, remixed and put into OST for the movie, the result still has received a lot of positive feedback, there are songs thanks to the success of the movie. become an OST in the movie that becomes hotter and more viral.

Music has become indispensable in movies
First, let’s look at the aspect from the soundtrack to the market. Music in movies in our country was previously considered only as the background, the space that created the premise for the film circuit to develop coherently. However, in recent years, many good songs have appeared, even achieved a lot of remarkable success. Some of the OST songs that stormed and covered the music charts can be mentioned as: There’s a Boy Who Wrote on a Tree (Osman from Mat Biec) , From That(OST movie Mat Biec) , I See Yellow Flowers on Green Grass (OST of the movie of the same name) , Let’s Break Up (OST of the movie Crab Back to My Wife) , Confiding in My 30s (OST Grandfather Aged 30) , See You One Tomorrow ( OST) OST of the movie 4 Years, 2 Guys, 1 Love) , Love La Tha Thu (OST of the movie I’m Not 18) , The Day Without Storms (OST of the movie Immortal) … Many, many songs and soundtracks have been successful. capture the audience’s heart so that in parallel with the success of the film, the soundtrack in that work also becomes an extremely bright star.

Where is the point when the soundtrack is so popular and can easily reach the top of the charts, while there are only lyrics and audio, not a single MV for the song? The answer lies in the ability to touch the emotions of the audience, listeners and moviegoers. Music is an invisible string that connects almost all human emotional organs together. In the movie, this is extremely important and necessary.

Music contributes to creating space and time for the film, expressing the psychology of the characters in a very subtle way, may not need to use any lines, just a musical touch that is right for the heart. status, a look filled with emotions… That alone can make the audience feel a sharp pain in their hearts, leaving an extremely deep impression in their emotions. So it can also be easily explained why the OST in the movie when released to the market was mostly received with such enthusiasm. Partly because the sentences in this OST are close to real life, poignant, and contextual, the other part is inherited the “fragrance” of the audience going to the movies, that scene, that melody, that moment. That moment made them vibrate, memorize and force them to return home to find and listen.

To achieve such success is also not an easy thing. The soundtrack wants to be successful, favorable conditions are also available as mentioned above, but the risks are also very high. Therefore, when writing music for a movie, the musician will have to be very thoughtful and hesitant in every word to be able to be as close to the plot as written in the script and easily reach the audience’s heart. maybe.

Musician Quoc Trung, who has won the Golden Kite Award for his impressive soundtrack (the film The Endless Fields ), said that making the soundtrack is not as simple as many people imagine . “There are many people who make music for movies and each has their own way. Some people just take the music available in the library, some people bring a guitar to the studio and play it wherever they go. Some people only need two days to finish it. .I wrote music for The Endless Field in only two days, but had to think and consider it for nearly a year from reading the script to completing the music” – musician Quoc Trung shared with Hanoi Moi newspaper. .

Next, look at the opposite side when market music is turned into soundtracks, this will probably be more visible in foreign films when many K-pop, US-UK hot hits are included. increase the excitement as well as familiarity for the film. In Vietnam, there are also songs that are included in the soundtrack, such as: Vengeance on the Back of a Wild Horse and the Last Song (OST of the movie Brilliant May) , Today I’m Sad (OST of the movie Sweet Trap). , songs by the late musician Trinh Cong Son… Until songs with mysterious lyrics to dub horror movies such as: Bac Kim Thang (OST of Bac Kim Thang movie), Don’t Leave Me Alone (OST of Story movie). Ghost Near Home)…In general, these works have been known before, so when they are included in the soundtrack, they will create a certain familiarity, the songs in horror movies also become famous because of this close factor. to be scarier and more horrifying.

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Bringing familiar songs back to the screen has many positive points, those songs will once again be revived with a newer, weirder mix, which, if good enough, can completely become a reality. back to its former heyday many years ago. This has been proven quite clearly through many times when hot movies have familiar songs in the background, and the views and interactions from the original to the remix of that song have increased significantly. tell.

In short, music and movies have an extremely close connection, promoting each other. The fusion of film and music, this relationship is growing and strengthening to the point where the supporting role of music in film is not seen as peripheral by the great filmmakers but as a extremely important, music plays an important role in movies and conversely, it is possible that movies themselves also bring music back to its former glory. This connection is still good, very good, and can serve as a premise to guide products from combination to odd for two parallel purposes: winning on film and winning on the music track.