AMC appears to have misrepresented Stephanie’s identity in The Wlaking Dead


A glitch on the AMC site could have exposed Stephanie’s identity in The Walking Dead.

Usually, the website of the television network or the series itself serves to provide viewers with useful information about them, however, sometimes this information gets a little off track and ends up revealing more than it should.

As is the case with AMC’s website where he talks about The Walking Dead, because in the description of one of the new season’s characters he was able to include a lot more information than he should have shown. That information, of course, was erased but it didn’t go unnoticed by the most discerning of fans.

[Possible SPOILERS from The Walking Dead season 11] Although it has now been removed from the web, as reported in the media Winter is Coming , there is a moment when the character, played by Chelle Ramos as “Stephanie decoy”, is able to reveal one of The Walking Dead’s best secrets. .

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Well, throughout season 10 we see how Eugene communicates over the radio with a woman named Stephanie, played by Margot Bingham, even though only her voice appears. However, in season 11 when Eugene arrives in the Commonwealth and a woman introduces herself as Stephanie, she is played by another actress, Chelle Ramos.

A fact that has fans wondering if this version of Stephanie is the bait the Commonwealth uses for information or just because AMC has found another actress. A dilemma that seems to have solved, by accident, the chain’s website, which has cleared its fault.

Still, it’s important to see how events unfold in season 11 of The Walking Dead, which is also the last on television.

As The Walking Dead explores the enormous and sophisticated community of the Commonwealth in its final season, it seems that AMC may have inadvertently ruined a major plot point about one of its residents, Stephanie. Nothing can get past this fan.

Not only is her voice distinct, an instant red herring, but the photo description on the AMC press site describes her character as “Stephanie’s Bait.” However, perhaps out of panic, the description of the image was hastily changed back to simply “Stephanie.”

But this is the internet, and accidents like this are not easily erased from existence. The damage has been done. Obviously, something was up with Stephanie.

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Who exactly is Stephanie in The Walking Dead?
The woman Eugene formed a connection with over the radio in season 10 is voiced by Margot Bingham, a big clue as to who Stephanie really is. What’s more, Bingham was officially cast in the final season of last year, and it makes sense that we would get to know him a lot better.

Back in 2019, Josh McDermitt publicly revealed that it was Magot Bingham’s voice on the other end of the radio. “Yeah, that’s Margot Bingham,” he told Insider.So if they want to be mad at me, well, they shouldn’t have put their name on the credits.”

Given what we know, I’m pretty sure that “Stephanie” Bingham is the real thing and Stephanie Ramos is some sort of con the Commonwealth uses to get information. I think the Commonwealth knew Eugene would open up to Stephanie and tell her important info about Alexandria. The feed can then send information back to Mercer so the community can understand how big of a threat our group represents.

And as if all this weren’t confusing enough, AMC’s official image description for Bingham’s character now reads “Max, FKA [Formerly Known As] Stephanie.” This doesn’t help clear things up.

How long will it take before Eugene finds out the truth? For AMC+ subscribers, new episodes drop one week early.