Amazingly Persecuted by CEO in LA, OMEGA X Called Forced to Pay Their Own Tickets


OMEGA X is currently in the spotlight due to the alleged violence committed by the management CEO against the members. It is known, the incident occurred in the United States when they had just finished a concert in Los Angeles.
The management CEO of Spire Entertainment, who is known as Kang Seong Hee, is said to have verbally abused OMEGA X members. Circulating on Twitter, videos of the CEO doing this have now even been broadcast on a number of news programs on TV. Korea.

Due to the incident, OMEGA X is said to have had to cancel flights to return to South Korea. Reported by SBS News, the flight was canceled because the local police sensed a commotion at the hotel.

Kang Seong Hee is said to have been secured by the hotel security for causing a commotion in the hotel hallway. He is said to have kept banging on the hotel room where the members were staying. That’s why the police had to visit the hotel even twice.

Supposedly, the OMEGA X members returned to South Korea on October 23, 2022. However, due to the commotion that occurred, one of the management staff decided to cancel their return and leave the members stranded in Los Angeles.

This then forced the members to pay for their return tickets themselves. According to SBS, OMEGA X managed to return to South Korea with one of their managers after buying their own return ticket.

It is known, the ticket sold at that time for a trip from Los Angeles to Seoul was for KRW 975 thousand or around Rp. 10.6 million. Some members even had to ask their own parents to help pay for their return tickets.

Previously, Spire Entertainment had released a statement regarding the alleged abuse that OMEGA X members received from their CEO. In the statement, the management said the misunderstanding between the two parties had been well resolved.

The incident that caused controversy after being revealed on social media occurred after eating together at the end of the OMEGA X tour. At that time, the agency talked about their hard work so far while making plans for the future. But in the process, they exposed each other’s complaints to the point of become emotional. That’s where their voices start to sound high, “explained Spire Entertainment.

“The conversation continued after dinner. The members and the agency have resolved all misunderstandings. They ended the conversation by saying they would continue to work together and respect each other,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, until now the members of OMEGA X still haven’t spoken up personally.