Although decorated by many new characters, the old characters in Toy Story 4 remain the center of the story


In addition, in the scene at the shop called Second Chance, there are also lots of easter eggs. Namely, things that have been in previous Pixar films. An observant onlooker will surely find it.

The next new toy to catch the eye is Ducky & Bunny (Keegan-Michael Key & Jordan Peele). Namely, a pair of plush dolls in the form of a duck and a rabbit. What Buzz met at the market. Both of them were tired of being a display prize and wanted to win immediately. In order to be free to adventure in the outside world.

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Especially, Woody, Buzz, and Bo Peep. The voice actors have a big responsibility. They should be able to repeat the success of the previous three films.

Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, and Annie Potts were also required to bring the toys to life with their voices. In addition, they also have to build a connection with the toy characters they play.

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For Hanks, being trusted to voice Woody for 24 years has its own meaning. He felt himself and Woody were old friends. Therefore, he also feels responsible for maintaining his character.

Bringing the character of the Sheriff since the first Toy Story (1995) film, Hanks admitted that he had made Woody a part of it. Therefore, he did not find it difficult when he had to bring back Woody’s character in his voice.

In this Toy Story 4 film, Woody is said to be going through a transition period. Her life has changed completely since she is no longer with Andy. Therefore, Hanks had to adjust the character of his voice in various scenes. Fortunately, however, the characters designed by Pixar are very detailed. So it is very helpful during the reading and deepening process.

The same thing happened to Tim Allen. Who is already attached to the character of Buzz Lightyear. That is firm and at the same time kind. Like Woody, the figure of the astronaut who is dressed in white and green always appears in every Toy Story movie.

In this fourth film, Buzz returns to accompany Woody. He also directed his friend to listen more to his heart. Interestingly, in the real world, the two voice actors, Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, are also friends like Woody and Buzz.

In addition to Hanks and Allen, Annie Potts also returns to voice Bo Peep. Which has been absent for 20 years from the Toy Story franchise. The last time, the porcelain girl character appeared in the second film in 1999.

Potts also admits that his longing for Peep has finally paid off. The 66-year-old senior actress can feel the warmth. Because I can meet again with this lovely figure.

However, even though you already know Peep’s character well, that doesn’t mean it’s easy for Potts to fill in his voice. Because the character has undergone many changes. However, fortunately, with more than 40 years of experience as an actress, Potts has not had a hard time adapting. Thus helping him to play again as Peep.