AlRawabi School for Girls, Complex Bullying Series

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How many students feel that school is hell? Among the stories and songs about how sweet school days are, the fact is that we can’t close our eyes that the problem of bullying is real. Even though the community and government clearly prohibit this from happening, in fact bullying still occurs, both secretly and openly in schools and campuses.
These bully girls look very stylish. Two people with perfect thick hair, one with hijab, and wearing stylish clothes. All three are bitchy, manipulative, there’s just nothing good about it, right!
Mariam (Andria Tayeh), the victim, looks less confident. Coupled with his circle of friends who are not good, geek, and unpopular. How’s the fun? Let’s see below.
What’s Unusual?
First of all, this is a Jordanian series with Arabic. We are used to seeing bullying movies or series in our own country’s communities, Hollywood, South American telenovelas, or maybe Japanese dramas and Korean dramas.
Before watching the series AlRawabi School for Girls, the audience must understand that we will enter a different cultural space. There are a lot of things that will confuse us, beyond the problem of bullying.
After experiencing slander and bullying from the Layan-Ruqayya-Rania trio, Mariam and her friends try a devious way to get revenge. Well, things that seem odd to most Indonesians and non-Middle Easterners will begin to show.
if there is a girl wearing a headscarf whose photos without her headscarf are spread, it probably won’t be a big scandal – at least some people will sneer at it, then just walk away, it’s not considered a big scandal.
However, the response of Ruqayya and the surrounding community was very excited, as if Ruqayya took a hot or even nude photo. Here we might be confused because after all there are many people in the series who are not veiled, then why is Ruqayya being insulted in such a way when she doesn’t look veiled?
Apparently, if someone has decided to wear a headscarf there, it’s a big disgrace when she doesn’t look veiled anymore. Judging from the case of Ruqayya, this disgrace is even considered more despicable than other disgrace such as bullying people.
Then, there is another “foreign” thing in Layan’s case. After Layan was caught by her brother being at her boyfriend’s house, her brother pointed a gun because Layan had been considered an insult to the dignity of the family. In the case of Indonesia, the family certainly will not do this.
However, this is what makes the AlRawabi School for Girls series unique. You see, we get to know a culture that is confusing to us. We learn that the culture of a country has many dimensions and is complex, not standard. To be able to empathize with that culture, we have to go into it.
The Main Character Who Becomes a Femme Fatal
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In the “mean girls” series and film formula, usually, good characters or victims can only take revenge in standard ways and their hearts will melt with apologies. However, that didn’t happen to Mariam. In the final episode, Mariam doesn’t care about her friends’ requests. According to him, why care about people who used to ruin his life?
Even though Mariam’s method is wrong, this is very human. To be honest, bullying will not end if the perpetrators do not get a deterrent effect. School and state regulations are just a thing of the past, moreover, these bullies are usually as manipulative as Layan.
Mariam’s way of getting revenge is really rocky, really. With the help of her friends, Mariam not only scares the trio of bullies, but also gets bad effects such as violence, being expelled from school, until they are considered trash by their family. This problem is not just an internal school problem anymore.
(Actually) Discussing Other Issues
The main theme of this series is bullying, but there are many, you know, other minor issues that are discussed. First, about the position of women who are often blamed for carrying out a scandal, such as Layan who was pointed at a gun. Why didn’t his brother point a gun at Layan’s boyfriend? Why should you go to Layan, his own sister?
Second, about how the school actually doesn’t care about its students. The school just wants to attract more students so that they can remain a cool school and