All of Us Are Dead: Who Dies and Who Survives in Netflix’s Zombie Series?


All of Us Are Dead is Netflix’s new South Korean hit, after Prophecy from Hell and of course Round 6 – the most watched series of all time on Netflix. With a lot of blood and violence, the story takes place in a deadly epidemic of zombie virus and, therefore, several deaths were expected. With that, AdoroCinema prepared a retrospective about which characters die and which ones survive in All of Us Are Dead.


Set in the midst of a zombie outbreak, it was only natural to imagine many deaths in All of Us Are Dead. The first episode shows several students infected when patient zero Kim Hyeon-ju (Jung Yi-seo) is bitten by a caged animal. In the second episode, we have another death when I-sak (Kim Joo-ah) gradually turns into a zombie in front of his best friend, Nam On-jo (Park Ji-hoo).

One shocking death for fans is that of Han Gyeong-su (Ham Sung-min) in the third episode, when the character suffers a scratch after escaping a zombie attack. Lee Na-yeonn (Lee Yoo-mi), who doesn’t like him, treats the scratch with his handkerchief that has been exposed to zombie blood – resulting in Gyeong-su’s infection. Other deaths that occur in the season include Lee Cheong-san’s (Yoon Chan-young) mother, Joon-yeong, and On-jo’s father So-ju (Jeon Bae-soo).

Some characters in All of Us Are Dead do not die after being infected and turn into a kind of super zombie. One of the students alive and dead at the same time is Yoon Gwi-nam (Yoo In-soo), who mutates after being attacked by a group of zombies.

In the penultimate episode, Cheong-san is infected after Gwi-nam bites him during a fight. Knowing that he doesn’t have much time, he says goodbye to his friends and takes the surrounding zombies away from his friends so they can escape to safety – despite this, there is speculation that he may have survived and will return in the event of an outbreak. 2nd season. In the end, the survivors of All of Us Are Dead end up being On-jo, Su-hyeok, Dae-su, Ha-ri, Mi-jin, and Hyo-ryung, in addition to Nam-ra (as half zombie and half human) .

In All of Us Are Dead, a group of high school students must face a situation of extreme danger. that each of the remaining students will remain safe.

Meanwhile, outside, authorities are looking for ways to contain the spread of the virus, while scientists seek to understand the disease, how humans turned into zombies behave, in order