All kinds of magic have appeared in the MCU: Doctor Strange magic is cool, but not the most powerful

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) entered process 4 with a very different look Doctor Strange the most powerful magic. Not only relying on fictional universe technologies with terrible power, Marvel Studios has now included many different types Doctor Strange of magic and magic to diversify its works.

On the occasion of the upcoming blockbuster Doctor Strange in the crazy Multiverse, let’s review the types of magic that have appeared in the MCU from before to the present.

Celestial Magic

Although they don’t have an official name, what the Eternals do in their solo film shows that they can also use a type of magic that is unique to humanity, possibly originating from created entities. out them. With its distinctive yellow color, this type of jutsu is described as a form of cosmic energy but the Eternals can harness, control, and deploy at any time they wish.

For example, Thena can mold that energy into unique weapons; or Sprite can easily create illusions to deceive opponents. Each member of the Eternals has their own thoughts and uses cosmic powers but the Celestials provide for them.

Eldritch magic

First appearing in Doctor Strange, Eldritch magic is the name given to the source of energy used by the Masters of the Occult Arts. This type of sorcery can be controlled by disciplined people and those who have diligently practiced sorcery for many years.

An expert on Eldritch magic, Strange is currently one of the most powerful wizards in the MCU. He can create a variety of witchcraft weapons to attack, create shields for defense, use illusions to deceive enemies, move between dimensions, etc. Occasionally, some The Middle Eldritch can be used to provide an array of items imbued with this excellent magic, as shown when Ned opened the portal in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Magic Asgard

The kind of magic that first appeared in the MCU belonged to the Asgardians, home of the thunder god Thor. A number of gods living in Odin kingdom have the ability to manipulate powerful sorcerer energies and use them for a variety of purposes. Thor himself also believes that witchcraft is a modern science that has evolved over the centuries.

One of Asgard most successful witches is Frigga, Thor mother and the one who passed on her skills to Loki. Special green and somewhat dark, this type of magic was once used by Loki to create illusions, transform into any other person, project energy to attack enemies, transform objects from above. ko, or create a shield to protect yourself.

Jotun Magic

Even without Frigga guidance, Loki himself has a strong connection to magic thanks to his Frost Giants origin. Members of this race can use ice magic, allowing them to manipulate, control, and to some extent, the nation. This is why Laufey and his allies can easily create weapons, armor, and ice shields. Of course Loki possesses these jujutsu as well, but he seems to have decided not to use them, remaining faithful to what Frigga taught him.

Evening Magic

In the MCU, the Masters of Occultism have always believed that using magic from the Dark Dimension is a forbidden practice that could jeopardize reality. However, after all, it turns out that the Ancient One broke this rule 5 years ago.

Accumulating power from Dormammu realm could provide Earth mages with a rich source of sorcery, far beyond even Eldritch. However, if not controlled or abused, they can be corrupted and transformed into Dormammu subordinates, allowing him to gain other dimensions.

Dark Magic (Dark Magic)

The power of the Dark Side isn’t the only type of sorcery that wizards in the MCU can use. The WandaVision series introduced a new type of dark magic with a special purple color, used by Agatha Harkness after researching the Darkhold book.

This type of magic seems to have returned in episode 2 of Moon Knight, when the evil Arthur Harrow used Ammit staff to summon fierce jackals. That shows that it is possible that Darkhold or Ammit is the origin of this mysterious power, and it will certainly continue to be exploited in future projects.

Chaos Magic (Chaos Magic)

The WandaVision series has recognized that Wanda is a born mage, and can use Chaos Magic with its distinctive red color. In the comics, Chaos Magic originated from an Elder God named Chthon – one of the most powerful beings ever to appear on Earth.

It was Chthon who infused a part of her Chaos Magic into Wanda body when she was a child, thereby “clearing the way” for her to transform into Scarlet Witch in Marvel Comics. With the power of earthquakes, Wanda is able to reshape the very structure of reality itself. That how she created Westview and manipulated people lives to serve her own fantasy world. Based on what happened in WandaVision, it can be seen that this is the most powerful magic in the MCU at this time.

Dark Magic and Chaos Magic will certainly continue to be explored deeply in the MCU movies tomorrow, as the Scarlet Witch is slowly turning into one of the most important objects of this universe.