Alisson reveals the secret of his slick performance at Liverpool


Alisson Becker has revealed the secret of his slick performance this season and his relationship with Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp.

In the 2021-2022 season, Liverpool will compete in various competitions to win as many titles as possible.

After undergoing a titleless season in 2020-2021 due to being hit by a storm of injuries, Liverpool are now serious title challengers.

So far, Liverpool have won the English League Cup from four competitions that can be maximized.

The three remaining competitions that the Reds participate in are still likely to end with champion status at the end of the 2021-2022 season.

Liverpool showed good progress by advancing to the FA Cup semifinals, Champions League quarter-finals, and still competing in the race for the Premier League title with Man City.

Liverpool ‘s brilliance can not be separated from the influence of the players who are able to look impressive.

One of them is Liverpool goalkeeper , Alisson Becker , who is able to become a mainstay under the Reds’ crossbar.

In an interview via Liverpool ‘s official website , Alisson revealed the secret to his greatness is based on his confidence.

Alisson became an important figure for Liverpool both in defense and when starting an attack from the back line.

I think the big thing is to have confidence. “You need to have a team that likes to play with the goalkeeper as well, and you need to have a coach who gives the freedom to play.”

“That’s because you can be good for the team, but if your player has his back to you when you have the ball you can only pass away and work like that.”

I have the skills needed, but I worked on them a lot when I played for my youth team.”

Alisson revealed that his relationship with Jurgen Klopp has also helped raise the level of his game.

The Brazilian considers Klopp like a father to him at Liverpool .

“Yes, it is a very good relationship. He’s like a father to me,” said Alisson.

“When I spoke to him for the first time on a video call, he just answered and started smiling.”

“I started smiling and we could already see that we would have a connection.”

I really like the way he works and the way he makes the team feel comfortable, and at the same time puts pressure on us.”

“He’s a guy who’s always happy, but when you go out on the pitch it’s hard work, serious work and he’s a top coach.”

“So all of that contributes to a good relationship. I am very happy to be here and to work with him. I love my life here at Liverpool ,” said Alisson