Alicia Keys shone before a packed stadium: Cazzu as a guest and tribute to Prince


Just by seeing it –not to mention listening to it– you already perceive a unique energy. Her voice, her magic on the piano and her fight are unmatched. Ten years have passed since the last time Alicia Keys he stepped on Argentine soil, but one night his songs flooded again Buenos Aires and fill the air with New York sounds. With cazzu As the only guest, the singer paid homage to her mentor Prince and highlighted the values ​​of African-American culture.

In the middle of the darkness, the screens of the Movistar Arena they showed what began as a space journey between planets and stars. After going through a black hole, light came on and the figure of the singer stood out in it. With her African braids, a shiny silver catsuit and draped in a fuchsia cape, the queen of R&B and the Soul He took his first steps on stage. Thus, while “Nat King Cole” began to play, the singer greeted the audience: “Buenos Aires, what a beautiful night, what a beautiful, special, moving, wonderful and unique night. I’m grateful to be able to spend time with you, to be back here with you. Thank you for giving me all that love, thank you for receiving me in Buenos Aires”. The night continued with songs from his latest album KEYS and others like ”Is It Insane”, ”Only You” and ”Best Of Me”. In addition, with visuals of Nina Simone– the black civil rights hero whose story of revolutionary songs vindicated her people’s fight against violence – the singer sent a message to all those who suffered and traverse those inequalities.

But the artist from Harlem, NYhad more surprises prepared, such as his remix of ‘Calma’, together with Pedro Capó, and then ‘Looking for paradise’, thus giving nods to Spanish and Latin America.

Alicia Keys returned to perform in Argentina after 10 years (Prensa DF)
Alicia Keys returned to perform in Argentina after 10 years (Prensa DF)

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Hours before her show, she already anticipated what tonight meant to her and why she had a special seasoning. “It’s going to be a great great night, that’s all I know, it’s going to be a great vibe. There’s such an electrifying, beautiful, amazing energy, it’s so special. I can’t believe it’s been so long since the last time, I wish it hadn’t been, but I’m glad I got to do this. It is currently my first official tour. This is the first time that I can give exactly the show that I want to give. I’m so excited, I love this show, it’s one of my favorite shows. This one tonight is very very special. I feel so blessed and grateful that this can happen. Particularly because of the connection”, affirmed Alicia Keys.

She was referring to the same thing when, almost halfway through the show, the singer left the main stage and approached the last locations where a small platform, with three pianos, was waiting for her for the most intimate moment of the night. That’s when the ‘game’, and her interaction with the audience, ignited even more. Almost in a DJ role, Keys performed original and computer-mixed songs from the KISS album, while she asked the audience which one she liked best. Among them, the winner of 17 Grammy Awards he also chose to cover songs from Nicky Minaj and J Balvin.

Suddenly, Keys connected that moment with one of her biggest hits. As she played the last notes of a song on the piano she said: “This reminds me of another song about New York”. The screens lit up with landscapes and symbols of the American city and people began to go crazy for what was to come. Between shouts, and the lights of thousands of cell phones that illuminated the Movistar Arena, it began to ring “Empire State of Mind”. Meanwhile, the singer got off the platform and walked through the crowd back to the stage. Hits like ‘Girl on fire’ and ‘Fallin’ followed, where people exploded with emotion.

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Cazzu with Alicia Keys

After interpreting ‘Superwoman’, and giving a message of encouragement for all women and their fight for more equality and rights, the artist had a few words for all those who have no voice and are empowered to seek more justice: “Now let’s welcome with all the energy to a great artist and a great woman”. That was when cazzu was present on stage to interpret ‘Nothing’. “Show me how my dear Buenos Aires is made,” said the Argentine.

But beyond the songs and winks, the artist had synthesized hours before how she would approach this tour that took her to many Latin American countries such as Brazil, Chili and Argentina, among others. In an intimate chat, surrounded by her fans, Keys explained: “You are resilient.” “I chose this phrase because it reminds me that we can keep going, keep fighting, keep working, keep trying, even when we feel like everything is going wrong. But there I remember that I am resilient”, highlighted the artist. Approaching the end, after interpreting ‘No one’, the pianist made a clear nod to Prince when the band played their own version of ‘Purple Rain’. The fact of meeting Prince marked Keys’ career to such an extent that the artist has recognized that it was one of the most important moments in her life. Immediately afterwards, he closed the night with ‘If I ain’t got you’, with another nod to Latam thanks to a chorus in Spanish, causing the delirium of the people who fulfilled the dream of seeing again, after 10 years, his favorite artist.

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