Alex Marquez Calls Rain at the Thai GP a Blessing

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Alex Marquez Calls Rain at the Thai GP a Blessing

Alex Marquez again completed the race in the top ten zone in the 2022 MotoGP. This time, the LCR Honda racer crossed the finish line in 8th position in the Thailand GP race which took place on Sunday (2/10/2022) afternoon WIB.

Even though the race took place in rainy conditions, Alex Marquez was able to look good and bring home points from Buriram. In fact, he called the rain that fell at the Chang International Circuit a blessing for him.

1. Alex Marquez failed to qualify for Q2, was in the 20th starting position

Alex Marquez does not get good capital ahead of the Thai GP race. The reason is, the racer with motorcycle number 73 failed to make it to the 2nd qualifying session (Q2) after only recording the 10th fastest time in Q1.

As a result, Alex Marquez occupies the starting position of 20. During the warm-up session, he also did not show an impressive performance. The Spaniard was entrenched in 17th position in the session which took place in cloudy conditions.

2. Rain is not an obstacle, Alex Marquez is able to end the race in 8th position

Before the MotoGP race started, it was raining at Chang International Circuit right after the Moto3 race was over. This condition makes the race director decide that the race will take place in wet race status for Moto2 and MotoGP.

The wet 4.6 km track is apparently not an obstacle for Alex Marquez to bring out his best abilities. Marc Marquez’s younger brother was actually able to penetrate the top ten and end the race in 8th position

This achievement broke the series of failing to finish in the top 10 in 2 consecutive races. Before the Thai GP, Alex Marquez was able to finish in tenth position at the San Marino GP. However, he was knocked out of the top ten at the Aragon GP (12th position) and Japan (13th position).

3. Alex Marquez calls rain a saving factor

Alex Marquez said that the rain gave him a blessing during the race. Because, he felt not necessarily able to achieve good results if the race took place in dry conditions. He also referred to the unsatisfactory warm-up results.

“The rain saved us, that’s the reality. With the warm-up session conditions I had a lot of difficulties. I said that the race this time was a long race. Luckily, the race has come for us,” said Alex Marquez reported by Motorcycle Sports.

4. Alex Marquez could actually secure a 6th place finish at the Thai GP

Alex Marquez had been in 6th position in the last three laps of the race. However, he had to lose to Enea Bastianini and Maverick Vinales and failed to maintain that position until the end of the race. So, what made Alex Marquez unable to stem the pace of the two racers?

I think our bike setup was adapted to the rainy conditions, but not for this kind of mixed conditions.

You never know what will happen in the next 40 minutes. We have to learn from that. I pressed too hard at the start to move forward. I put a little pressure on the rear tire,” explained Alex Marquez quoted by Speedweek.

5. Alex Marquez has finished 4 times in the top 10 in MotoGP 2022
Based on Motorsport Stats data, Alex Marquez has finished in the top 10 in the 2022 MotoGP. The details of the 26-year-old racer’s results are as follows:

Portuguese GP: 7th place;
Catalan GP: 10th place finish;
San Marino GP: 10th place finish;
Thai GP: 8th place.

Currently, Alex Marquez is in 16th position in the drivers’ standings through the acquisition of 50 points. Can he consistently finish in the top ten in the three remaining races of the season?