[Album Review] MY (First Mini Album) – MIYEON ((G)I-DLE)

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I thought I said that this particular album review would be released on Monday, but I had to postpone it until the end of this week because I wasn’t on time. So, without further delay, I have my review of MIYEON’s solo debut mini album, MY, which was released at the end of April this year. In addition to the title track DRIVE, MY has five more songs. MIYEON’s solo debut comes after the group made a comeback with TOMBOY and I NEVER DIE (who posted album reviews over the weekend).

MY is a good start for MIYEON’s solo career. A strong indication of his potential as a solo artist, many of the songs on this album top the charts. He also gets 10/10 from me for sidetracks. I’m glad that Mi-yeon had the chance to shine and show off her vocals. I hope the next solo release isn’t too far away.

1. Roses – The first is Roses. It also serves as a great start to the album. Rose has a very playful instrument and makes use of the absolutely amazing speed of the waltz which helps with Rose’s adorable charm. The melody of this song is the main one. They really caught me and inevitably rocked the Rose melodies and waltz instrumentals. Mi-yeon herself is very interested in vocals and smiles every time she listens to the song. Rose really surprised me because that style is not usually my tea. Nevertheless, it is a strong start for this album. (9/10)

2. Drive (Title Track) – Click here for a full review of the drive. (9/10)

3. Softly – I really enjoy the bright nature of Softly. It wasn’t expected for a song called Softly, but it worked for a few reasons. Maybe because of Mi-yeon, who gives the song brightness and vitality. There’s a spring in her voice that makes Softly so much fun. Or it could be because of the interesting accompaniment of stringed instruments (I don’t know if it’s a metal harp or some other type of guitar) and classical instruments in the background. It’s relatively soft, but it definitely reveals itself. To me, it’s an interesting combination and it feels like collisions are always on a positive trajectory. But as I mentioned in my second sentence, it worked. I wish Hook was more promising and memorable. (7.5/10)

4. TE AMO – TE AMO is probably my hidden gems choice for this mini album. I was so happy to get out of the truck. I like Mi-yeon’s nasal vocals in this song. That’s the first thing that stands out on this track. The vocals build as the song progresses, creating an interesting piece. His vocal power as the song progresses is also impressive. I really enjoy TE AMO’s pop instruments, especially the enhanced chorus nature and the acoustic guitar on the bridge. Repeating TE AMO is very simple, but works well as a hook. 10/10 from me. (10/10)

5. Charging (ft. JUNNY) – best described as an R&B ballad. Charging is excellent when Mi-yeon and JUNNY sing together. The harmony is the best part of the song. It turns out that the solo moment is the drawing point. Mi-yeon’s solo sequence appears on the ballad’s instrument in slow motion throughout the song. As a result, Mi-yeon is on the bland side, but her solo sequences improve as she progresses. On the other hand, JUNNY’s vocal/solo moments are accompanied by a brighter tone, which makes the solo parts more appealing to my taste. However, as mentioned at the start, the charging peaks when they are together. (7/10)

6. Rain (소나기) – The album ends with Rain, a ballad with a catchy guitar backdrop. With Rain, you can feel his emotions more clearly through his vocals. For this reason, her vocals become very catchy and beautiful on this track. The instruments are light colors, digging a little deeper into the rock area. It’s an interesting ballad dynamic that I really enjoy. It plays the emotional side of the song from a different perspective, but at the same time makes for a really good sound. (9/10)