[Album Review] Ato B (5th Mini Album) – AB6IX

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If you’re catching up with album reviews, you’ll be jumping around a bit. And today, AB6IX will jump in mid-May when they make a comeback with SAVIOR and their fifth mini album A to B. Besides the title track SAVIOR, this album has four more side tracks. This release will release 1, 2, 3 and the special mini album COMPLETE WITH YOU following their January comeback.

A to B is a pretty strong effort from the group and well worth trying. There’s one 10/10 track I highly recommend from this mini album, so read my thoughts on each track below to see which one it is!

1. Parachute – There’s nothing groundbreaking about the percussion and synth of the parachute instrument, but I really enjoy the punchy sound and energy that comes out of it. This started the album in a positive way. The second part of the chorus is also fun. The beat became quite firm and amplified. The rap sequences are strong, but what stands out the most in PARACHUTE is the vocals. Falsetto in particular is an impressive aspect of this song. But on the other hand, the hook may be weaker and stronger. (8/10)

2. SAVIOR (Title Track) – Click here to read the full review of SAVIOR. (7/10)

3. Sucker For Your Love (우리 졌던 ) – As the song progressed, Sucker For Your Love became my favorite side track on this mini album. It has a softer pop-rock sound and a lot of emotion (I regret that the members broke up and want to get back with my previous partner). Thanks to Woojin’s help, the rap is really good. The other members perform vocals and sound quite crisp in this song. My favorite part of Sucker For Your Love is around 1:40 when the drums dominate and Woojin shares his lines with Woong and Daehwi. (10/10)

4. EINSTEIN – EINSTEIN has a bright R&B sound. This is a fun and exciting track that AB6IX has done before. EINSTEIN actually reminds me of the work of MXM (the duo that Dong-Hyun followed before debuting in AB6IX). However, when compared to other songs on this album, this song is pretty standard and is the song that the album has skipped the most. The song is fine, but the fact is it doesn’t stand out to me. (7/10)

5. We Could Love – The album ends with We Could Love, but the members sound like “Weak Love”. The meanings are very different, so I want to make sure the two words don’t match. In addition, WeCould Love acted as a ballad for the mini-album. There is a melody flowing in the song that feels very warm. And the members’ vocals (combined with the melody) make the song sound really good. (8/10)