Album Proof Is The Soul Of BTS, A Record Of The Journey


In their nine-year career, BTS has never forgotten to share important moments with fans, ARMY. Apart from expressing their gratitude, not once or twice did they create songs dedicated to fans.
Likewise in the Proof album which was just released along with the main song, Yet to Come (The Most Beautiful Moment) today, June 10, 2022. With an anthology concept, this album consists of 3 CDs depicting the past, present, and future. in front of BTS.

Of course, all involving ARMY. Because based on a statement released by BTS before the official album could be heard, J-Hope said the Proof album was a collection of every story they shared with ARMY.

“This album is even more special because it contains our time and memories as they are,” explained J-Hope.

For BTS, the Proof album is a picture of their soul. Starting with Born Singer on the first CD, this song was not officially released like other songs. However, Born Singer has a special place in BTS’s hearts, as well as ARMY’s, because it tells the story of BTS’s heart about realizing the dream of becoming a musician.

The album Proof ended with a new song titled For Youth which was placed on the third CD, a CD that was not released digitally. This song was created especially for ARMY using samples of two special songs, EPILOGUE: Young Forever and HYYH: Young Forever. The song starts with ARMY’s cheers from an actual BTS concert.

Among them, BTS seems to invite ARMY to return to remember important moments in their careers. Starting from the debut, the first award, to when BTS finally broke through and became a South Korean group whose names were mentioned in various parts of the world.

Suga also recommended ARMY to listen to the Proof album from beginning to end in sequence. Because that way, ARMY can both look back on the journey that BTS has gone through from debut to reaching the current point of success.

“We are honored to be able to record our journey for nine years. I hope that listeners will be able to reminisce about those times while following in our footsteps,” said Suga.

Proof was released 11 months after BTS released the worldwide hit song Butter. This album is also their first album after releasing BE in November 2020.