Airing today, the following is a synopsis of the film ‘The Novice’


‘The Novice’ is a psychological thriller drama genre film that will be aired on KlikFilm

KlikFilm again screens the festival’s best films, which have won awards at various festival events. One of the best films to come out is ‘The Novice’, this 2021 American psychological thriller drama film, written and directed by Lauren Hadaway, which is her directorial debut.

The film will star Issabelle Fuhrman, Amy Forsyth, Dilone, Charlotte Ubben, Jonathan Cherry, and Kate Drummond. ‘The Novice’ had its world premiere at the 20th Tribeca Festival on June 13, 2021, where it won 3 awards at the Tribeca Festival. Not only that, this film was nominated for five nominations at the 37th Independent Spirit Awards, including Best Feature.

‘The Novice’ will bring us to the obsession of a strange new student at a college, he himself is named Alex (Issabelle Fuhrman) and has a high desire to join the rowing team at his university. Alex with this high desire, until obsessed with his own expectations.

In the end, Alex was willing to make an obsessive physical to psychological struggle to reach the highest peak in the rowing team. He also sacrificed many other things, not only physically and psychologically, he was also willing to lose material things in order to stay in the team and position himself as the best person with various achievements.

It’s just that the madness leads him to things that make him depressed, lulled by his own obsession until he forgets about himself and starts going crazy. How will Alex’s journey to be the best in the team? Will all his obsession be achieved?

Having been screened in several film festivals, it looks like ‘The Novice’ will be one of the best films to start this March. The film will bring us to the spirit of fighting for the best for our own lives, and lead us that a hope will come true if we try our best.

Overall, the film has received a lot of positive reviews from critics most of whom commented that, ‘The Novice’ is truly amazing as it boldly takes on the theme of the dark side of an athlete who desperately demands for a supreme victory.

Although this is the first film written and directed by Lauren Hadaway, it works with great skill and ferocity. Hadaway manages to make each shot sensual and immersive, based on the story of an athlete combined with elements of a self-punishing real-life psychological horror film.

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