Airing Today, Peek At The Excitement Of Gong Yoo And Bae Doona Cs Behind The Scenes Of ‘The Silent Sea’


Following The Release Of ‘The Silent Sea’, Netflix Shared Photos Of Production Activities Involving Gong Yoo, Bae Doona, And Which Took Place Full Of Fun.

Produced by Jung Woo Sung , Netflix original drama, ” The Silent Sea ” was finally released today, Friday (24/12). Along with the release, the production team shared the activities of Gong Yoo , Bae Doona , Lee Joon , and others on set.

“The Silent Sea” tells the story of the earth in the year 2075 which is experiencing desertification and a natural resource crisis. In the midst of the crisis, a group of elite teams are sent to collect samples from an abandoned laboratory on the moon.

In this drama, Bae Doona plays an extraterrestrial biologist who leads a secret mission named Song Ji An. Gong Yoo plays Han Yoon Jae, the leader of the team of space soldiers who join the team. They and the others flew to the moon with very limited information.

In a series of photos that were just shared, the actors transform into astronauts in iconic space suits. Gong Yoo seems to be showing off his goofy side when smiling broadly while wearing a helmet and hanging on the reins.

On the other hand, the shooting location studio was turned into a moon base. There is also a candid Gong Yoo with his co-stars in line. The exciting atmosphere at the filming location displayed by the cast showed their excitement while preparing for “The Silent Sea”.

In addition to featuring Gong Yoo and Bae Doona, this drama also attracts a number of top actors. There is also Lee Joon where he plays the chief engineer Rye Tae Seok who volunteered to join and leave the Ministry of National Defense. Lee Moo Saeng plays Gong Soo Hyuk, the head of the security team and Kim Sun Young as the medical expert for the team named Doc Hong.

Previously, at the press conference, producer Jung Woo Sung explained that he was fascinated by the spectacular story idea based on the short film ” Sea of ​​Tranquility “.

Meanwhile, “The Silent Sea” was released to coincide with Christmas Eve, namely on December 24, 2021. This drama is summarized in eight episodes and can be watched through the Netflix application.

Gong Yoo and Bae Doona Compactly Encourage Senior Actor Producer The 'Silent Sea', This is What They Say

Gong Yoo And Bae Doona Compactly Encourage Senior Actor Producer The ‘Silent Sea’, This Is What They Say

‘The Silent Sea’ Has Just Held A Press Conference Which Was Attended By All Actors And Representatives Of The Production Team. Very Compact, Gong Yoo And Bae Doona Gave Praise To The Producer Who Is A Senior Actor.

Ahead of the release date, ” The Silent Sea ” held a press conference on Wednesday (22/12). The event was attended by actors such as Gong Yoo , Bae Doona , Lee Joon , Kim Sun Young , Lee Mu Saeng , Lee Sung Wook , producer Jung Woo Sung , director Choi Hang Yong, and writer Park Eun Kyo.

Set on Earth in 2075, “The Silent Sea” tells the story of a planet that is experiencing desertification and running out of resources. A select group of crew are sent to fly to the moon to inspect an abandoned research station. During their mission, they discover unexpected things.

In this drama, Bae Doona plays the space biologist Song Ji An. Meanwhile, Gong Yoo plays the team leader, Han Yoon Jae. Close friends in the real world, it turns out that Gong Yoo and Bae Doona are compact in giving praise and an injection of encouragement to the producer who is none other than their colleague, Jung Woo Sung.

He was on set less than a day, and he tried hard in everything from small things to big things,” said Bae Doona.

According to Bae Doona, Jung Woo Sung paid more attention to the actor’s situation because he himself departed from the world of acting itself. Then the actress added, “Since you are a senior, you are very worried about whether your junior is comfortable or not. He is a producer who pays attention to the actor’s situation.”

About three dollars with his partner, Gong Yoo mentions almost the same thing. Because of Jung Woo Sung’s attitude, the actors felt comfortable on set.

“Because we are in the same position as actors, he understands the part about how actors will feel comfortable on set. You used to be unapproachable, but now you are known as a representative of the production house, a good senior, and a human brother. In my opinion, we became close to each other, I thought it was too close,” said Gong Yoo, making everyone laugh.

Meanwhile, “The Silent Sea” is scheduled to be released on December 24. The drama will launch simultaneously through the Netflix app.