Aired on Netflix, 3 Facts The Silent Sea Can’t Miss


It’s not Netflix if it doesn’t provide quality shows. After airing Hellbound last November, now it’s The Silent Sea’s turn, which will be the last Netflix original series to air this year.

Korean series lovers are increasingly impatient to be able to watch The Silent Sea, after early last December Netflix finally released a trailer for this series which was filled with nuances of tension from astronauts who were on the moon.

Having an unusual genre, here are some reasons why The Silent Sea is a must watch!

Set in space that is rarely seen in Kdrama : For those of you who have missed the spectacle with the story of outer space, then The Silent Sea is the right choice that must accompany you at the end of this year.

Through this science fiction- mystery genre series , you can feel the tension of a team led by Han Yoon Jae when they were sent to the moon to conduct research due to the condition of the earth which was on the verge of collapse until it experienced a water and food crisis in 2075.

While on a mission, the plane that took them to the moon encountered a problem that trapped them on the moon. When trapped, they experience unexpected events such as finding a corpse to strange events that make the team struggle to survive.

The story is the result of a short film adaptation : Unlike Hellbound, which was adapted from a webtoon, The Silent Sea is a Netflix original series whose story was adapted from a short film entitled The Sea of ​​Tranquallity which was screened at Korea’s Mise-en-scene Short Film Festival 2014.

Netflix entrusted Choi Hang Yong, the director and original scriptwriter of the short film, to direct The Silent Sea. While the script for this series was taken over by writer Park Eun Kyo, who is famous for the film Mother.

Bringing together Gong Yoo and Bae Doona as the main characters : It’s not only the story that is different and steals the attention, The Silent Sea is the most awaited series at the end of this year because it managed to unite Gong Yoo and Bae Doona as the main characters.

Had caught the attention of Squid Game, now Gong Yoo will appear as a soldier in the space agency who is assigned to lead a team that gets a special mission to the moon named Han Yoon Jae. Returning to playing a different character, now Bae Doona is lined up as Song Ji An, a doctor and aerospace biologist who wants to unravel the mystery at the Balhae research center which is also the destination of the team mission led by Han Yoon Jae.

Picking up a line of top actors and actresses as supporting actors : Not only Gong Yoo and Bae Doona’s acting is worth waiting for. The supporting cast of The Silent Sea also stars ‘A’ class Korean actors and actresses. Call it Lee Joon, Lee Sun Yeong, Choi Young Woo, Lee Moo Saeng to Heo Seong Tae.

Lee Joon will play the character of Ryu Tae Sook who is a young engineer who works at the Ministry of Defense and chooses to volunteer to be involved in this mission in order to escape from his work environment. Usually playing the mother character in a series of popular Korean dramas, now Lee Sun Yeong is taking on a new challenge by acting as a doctor who helps the medical needs of team members who have a mission to go to the moon.

There is also actor Lee Moon Saeng who is believed to be Gong Soo Hyuk who serves as the head of security on the spaceship team led by Han Yoon Jae. Following the success of Squid Game, Heo Seong Tae will return in his role as Kim Jae Sun, the head of the aviation administration resource group.