Ahn Hyo Seop Reveals Kim Sejeong Cs’ Original Personality At The Location Of ‘Business Proposal’


Players Introduce Characters In ‘Business Proposal’. They Shared How Diligent The Cast Is While Filming The Drama And Asked For A Lot Of Love And Attention From Viewers.

” Business Proposal ” presents a behind the scenes video of the first episode. The video also contains interviews of the main cast of the SBS drama, from Ahn Hyo Seop , Kim Sejeong , Seol In Ah to Kim Min Kyu .

Ahn Hyo Seop introduced his character in “Business Proposal” by saying, “Kang Tae Mu’s character is very cold and arrogant. Although he can seem rude, he is a third generation chaebol who only says the right things. When meeting Ha Ri, he slowly loosen up, become more comfortable, and unpretentious.”

After introducing himself, Kim Sejeong discussed his character Shin Ha Ri by saying, “Ha Ri is someone who radiates positive energy. Due to the abnormal situation with the CEO (Kang Tae Mu), there were so many incidents where I had to be angry.”

In those various anger situations, I want to get angry in different ways without overlapping, so I’m currently in the process of research. (Ha Ri) is very random and a bit clumsy. I think my image of getting things done in a simple way would be fun, so please look forward to it. that,” added Kim Sejeong.

Next, it was Kim Min Kyu’s turn to play Cha Sung Hoon’s character, commenting, “Sometimes in dramas, there are scenes where I’m exercising. I practice very diligently for it. I exercise very diligently.”

To describe Jin Young Seo, Seol In Ah shared, “He’s so cool, loyal, and can’t stand being treated unfairly. He’s a cute character who sometimes slips because he’s too honest. Because he’s so honest in the face of love, I think he’s very charming.”

Ahn Hyo Seop also revealed the personality of his co-star in “Business Proposal”. “Min Kyu, Sejeong, In Ah, and Lee Deok Hwa all have good personalities so the atmosphere is very friendly and I enjoy it,” said Ahn Hyo Seo.

Meanwhile, Kim Sejeong asked viewers to look forward to his chemistry with Ahn Hyo Seop. At the end of the clip, the actors share how diligently they are filming the drama and ask for a lot of love and attention from viewers.