Ahn Bo Hyun Relaxes Gombalin Jo Bo Ah And Kim Go Eun At The Same Time In The Same 1 IG Post


Ahn Bo Hyun Was Seen Sharing Moments In The TvN Drama ‘Military Prosecutor Doberman’ Through His Personal Instagram Account And Directly Interacted With Jo Bo Ah And Kim Go Eun.

South Korean celebrities often promote the dramas they star in through their personal Instagram accounts. This is certainly not strange considering the number of followers the celebrity has.

Ahn Bo Hyun was the one who was seen sharing moments during the filming of the tvN drama ” Military Prosecutor Doberman ” through his personal Instagram account. In this drama, Ahn Bo Hyun is known to play the role of Do Bae Man.

Ahn Bo Hyun chose to share a selfie in a bloody condition on the set of “Military Prosecutor Doberman”. The funny thing is that the handsome actor seemed to mark the Instagram account of his co-star, Jo Bo Ah , even though he didn’t share a portrait with the beautiful actress.

Jo Bo Ah looked immediately surprised because her Instagram account was marked in Ahn Bo Hyun’s upload. The actor born in 1988 sweetly mentioned because of his “condition” because of Jo Bo Ah.

Not only Jo Bo Ah, actress Kim Go Eun also seemed to have commented on Ahn Bo Hyun’s upload. The two are known to be lovers in the drama ” Yumi’s Cells “. Ahn Bo Hyun also gave a sweet seduction for his former co-star.

” It hurts more than (hurts) you, ” Ahn Bo Hyun replied giving the “Yumi’s Cells” spoiler .

The two interactions between Ahn Bo Hyun and his 2 beautiful co-stars succeeded in making fans happy. They claimed to be happy with Ahn Bo Hyun’s close relationship with his co-stars and did not hesitate to show direct interaction.

First Look magazine released a solo photo shoot of Ahn Bo-hyun, who is currently on the rise thanks to the dramas ” Yumi’s Cell ” and ” My Name ” and here, he talks about romantic relationships.

When asked about Gu Woong’s charms in “Yumi’s Cell”, Ahn Bo Hyun expressed his affection for the character, saying, “He is sincere and honest, eccentric and innocent. The Gu Woong in the drama is a character who is loyal to his emotions. He is straightforward, but not wants to hurt other people. I like the way he has a clear view of himself.” I’m the type to do everything for my boyfriend and be nice to him.

I used to always clean up right away and there was no ‘later’ word, but now things have changed. . Maybe this is tiring for me. Come to think of it, it’s more efficient now.”