After winning the five major leagues: Carlo Ancelotti sets a retirement date for his coaching career


The Italian Carlo Ancelotti, who has just won LaLiga Santander with Real Madrid, assumed that after this second stage at the white club he will probably retire from the bench.

Real Madrid was crowned champion of LaLiga Santander over the weekend and with it, Carlo Ancelotti emerged as the only coach to have conquered the five major leagues in Europe (Spain, England, France, Germany and Italy). Without a doubt, the Italian has made history in football, although he can already smell retirement. Days after a new title with the whites, in an interview with Amazon Prime Video, the popular ‘Carletto’ has said that the painting ‘Vikingo’ is probably the last one he will direct in his career. The end of his long and successful journey is near.

“After Real Madrid, yes, I will probably retire. If the club wants me here for 10 years, I will train for ten years. But later I would like to be with my grandchildren, go on vacation with my wife. There are so many things that you leave aside when you choose this profession”, said the Italian in conversation with the streaming service.

“I have never been to Australia; I have never been to Rio de Janeiro. I would like to visit my sister more often. Unfortunately, today I can’t do it, so the day I retire, I’ll have all these things to do”, added the coach who won his first league title with Real Madrid last Saturday.

Likewise, the DT did not rule out the possibility of leading a team in the 2026 World Cup that will take place in North America, although it seemed “premature” to express himself with some confidence in this regard.

What is coming for Ancelotti’s Madrid

Accustomed to unthinkable feats and comebacks, Real Madrid faces the second leg of the Champions League semi-finals against Manchester City in a new setting, defying history which suggests that on the eight occasions they lost in the first leg of the eliminatory that gives access to the final, never achieved the pass.

Carlo Ancelotti’s team will be looking for a new achievement in what is their thirty-first semi-final in the most prestigious competition. He overcame 16 of the thirty he played, but was eliminated every time he lost the first leg, as happened at the Etihad Stadium in a crazy clash.