After undergoing 4th arm surgery, Marc Marquez will end his career in MotoGP 2022


Marc Marquez, who had an accident, had to be content to record a time outside the top 20. However, the racer nicknamed The Baby Alien looks in good condition.

Marc Marquez is in danger of ‘early retirement’ sooner than the 2022 MotoGP. He will undergo surgery on his fourth arm after suffering an injury in 2020.

Marc Marquez will fly to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, United States on Tuesday (31/5/2022) local time to undergo surgery. Dr. Joaquin Sancgez Sotelo will handle it.

After that, Marquez will carry out the healing process in Spain.

“Eighteen months ago Marc Marquez had his last operation, and during that time he went through a rehabilitation process, helped by the hard work of the medical team in Madrid,” said Alberto Puig, team manager for Repsol Honda.

“Unfortunately his position on the bike is not what he really needs to race because he wants to race and lives up to his expectations in MotoGP this weekend.”

Right time

Marc Marquez

Puig continued, after much deliberation, this is the right time to perform surgery.

“After receiving reports and analysis from the medical team, we received a recommendation to perform surgery with our doctor from Spain at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota. Yesterday we finally received information that the operation could be carried out,” continued Puig, Saturday (28/5/2022) .

Not before, the bone is still soft, and there is no recommendation. Yesterday we decided that this is the right time and Marc Marquez will stop racing. He has to take a break.”

“It has been a long period for him, tiring for him, and we want to thank him for his patience.

It really hurts

Photo: Marc Marquez and 5 Spanish riders who have won the Jerez MotoGP, dominated by Honda manufacturers

Marc Marquez became the last Spaniard to win the Jerez MotoGP, in 2019. The racer nicknamed The Baby Alien has won three times on the circuit with a length of 4.4 kilometers. Marquez won his first title in 2014 and in 2018 he managed to double his record.

Marquez thanked the team of doctors who had been treating him.

“Since my first injury, things have been really complicated. Infection is the worst thing. But the doctors did a great job.”

“The operation was a success, but after that I felt uncomfortable (with his arm). I never gave up and always followed the doctor’s advice.”

“I’m not enjoying racing now. It hurts a lot, I don’t have the energy, that’s why I’m not racing the way I want to.

“I’m sure I’ll recover quickly after the surgery. I don’t know when, but the doctor said now is the right time.”