After the Coup of Valentino Rossi’s place at Yamaha, now Fabio Quartararo has the potential to be the key to the title in the Legend’s Cage Race


A destiny. Prior to the 2021 MotoGP, Fabio Quartararo co-opted Valentino Rossi’s place in the Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP factory team.

Valentino Rossi also had to go down to the Petronas Yamaha SRT satellite team. Now when MotoGP 2021 only has three series left, Fabio Quartararo has a special opportunity.

Yes, in the Emilia Romagna MotoGP race at the Misano Circuit, October 24 later or Valentino Rossi’s home race , Fabio Quartararo has the opportunity to lock the 2021 season title.

Now Fabio Quartararo is already 52 points ahead of second place, Pecco Bagnaia. It is undeniable, the French racer has a very big chance of being the key to the world champion title at Misano.

Incidentally Valentino Rossi will retire at the end of MotoGP 2021 and the Emilia Romagna MotoGP race is The Doctor’s last race on Italian soil.

Difficult Comparison
Now, there are many assumptions that Fabio Quartararo will continue the figure of Valentino Rossi as a Yamaha icon.

However, the 22-year-old racer emphasized that it is very difficult to compare himself with Valentino Rossi, who has felt a lot of success in the MotoGP event.

“I can’t compare myself to Valentino Rossi. This is a special time for me,” said Fabio Quartararo.

“At the beginning of the year when I took his place in the team, I was very worried. I took the place of the king of MotoGP. After doing this, it is really very special,” he continued.

Not Sticking to the Key to the MotoGP Emilia Romagna
Fabio Quartararo has so far collected 254 points, leading 52 points from Francesco Bagnaia in second place. That way, he only needs 24 points in the remaining three races, including the Emilia Romagna MotoGP on 24 October.

Even so, Quartararo did not want to insist. He chose to relax and not be obsessed with winning at the Misano Circuit.

Quartararo feels that they will face tough opponents, including Bagnaia who has a good record at Misano. As is known, Bagnaia successfully climbed the highest podium in the same place.

“Of course I can win there, but I’m not obsessed with winning it. We’re ahead by a good margin in the table, so I don’t want to be pressured into thinking that everything has to be done at Misano,” said Quartararo.

“Last we raced at the Misano Circuit, Pecco (Francesco Bagnaia) was outstanding,” he said again.

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Immediately the key to the 2021 MotoGP title, Fabio Quartaro: This is the best moment in my life

Monster Energy Yamaha racer, Fabio Quartararo, admitted that he was emotional after finishing second at the Austin MotoGP , Monday (4/10/2021) early morning WIB. The reason is, even though he didn’t win, he felt that the result was very crucial for his chances of winning the world title this season, especially since he managed to finish in front of his strongest rival, Pecco Bagnaia.

Fabio Quartararo, who started second, was able to maintain his position until the finish. Now, the French rider is also 52 points ahead of Bagnaia in the standings. So, he will get his first match point in the Emilia Romagna GP at Misano on October 22-24. To lock in the title there, he only had to maintain a 50-point lead.

“I think this result is more fun than winning, because I am closer to the title, and this season has been reduced by one to race again,” said 22-year-old racer to MotoGP .com after racing.

“With 10 races left, you don’t need to count a point short. But with four races to go, now three, we took a point advantage over Pecco. So, it’s an amazing moment. It feels like the best moment of my life, and I really enjoy it.” he continued.

Had a stomach ache before the start
As he was getting closer to the world title, Quartararo admitted that he had felt great pressure while preparing himself for the start of the race in Austin. Even so, he emphasized that this pressure did not come from his team, but himself.

“Of course it feels good, but to be honest, in this race weekend I have a big burden. However, only from myself, not from anyone from Yamaha. I had a stomach ache before the start, and to be honest this was the toughest race.” Quartararo said.

El Diablo also stated that he was very emotional. The reason is, his dream of becoming a world champion, which he has had since he was five years old, is now in sight. This moment was also very valuable, considering that he had also been a candidate for the 2020 world champion, but failed due to various technical problems.