After searching for quite a while, at last, the producers of Alita: Battle Angel got Rosa Salazar


Which managed to set aside other young actresses as Alita. Namely: Maika Monroe, Zendaya, and Bella Thorne. According to James Cameron, Rosa is an extraordinary actress. He could see his enthusiasm radiating through Alita’s character.

In the trailer for Alita: Battle Angel, which was released some time ago, there are various stunning and emotionally draining actions displayed by Alita’s figure. Through live-action scenes combined with CGI, this 122-minute film is expected to be able to quench the audience’s thirst for anime or manga film adaptations.

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At first glance, some of the footage from the movie Alita: Battle Angel by Robert Rodriguez feels quite familiar. Some things, in fact, have been in other films. For example, Zalem’s sky utopia appearance. Which, at first glance, resembles the film Elysium (2013).

In addition, the figure of Alita, who is looking for her identity, is also similar to the robot character in the film adaptation of the manga Ghost in the Shell (2017). Starring Scarlett Johansson. In fact, the motorball game, which is the main menu in the movie Alita: Battle Angel, is also similar to Rollerball (1975). However, the visualization is much more futuristic.

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However, even so, Alita: Battle Angel remains one of the most awaited films by anime and manga fans. Moreover, the release schedule has also been postponed three times. From 20 July 2018, 21 December 2018, to 14 February 2019.

And, as a result, after holding a gala premiere at Leicester Square Theatre, London on January 31, 2018, critics rated Alita: Battle Angel as one of the anime and manga adaptations that best matched the original version. In addition, the visualization is also considered to be pleasing to the eye, the action is fun, and Rosa Salazar’s appearance is okay.

Even though she has big eyes and a tiny face, typical of manga, Alita’s figure is still pleasing to the eye. The characters are quite sympathetic and interesting. So, even though it is displayed with digital motion capture technology, the figure is still organic.

The visual effects displayed by Alita: Battle Angel are indeed quite stunning. Especially, the appearance of the robots and half-robot humans who dominate this film for 122 minutes. In addition, the atmosphere of the dark city of Iron City also looks amazing.

However, even so, many also criticized the Alita: Battle Angel scenario. Which is considered dirty. The plot does seem to be only prepared as a bridge for subsequent films. This film project, the plan, will indeed be developed into a trilogy.

This is what is considered to make many characters in Alita: Battle Angel feel redundant. For example, the Vector figure. Played by Mahershala Ali. The Oscar-winning acting ability feels in vain. Because, even without his presence, the story of this film will continue to roll. The character doesn’t really matter.

So, in essence, Alita: Battle Angel is purely a visual spectacle. Which catches the eye. However, even so, unfortunately, the pace of this film must be hampered by a plot that is considered chaotic by critics.