“After 3 years of practice”..’Nolmyeon’ Yoo Jae-seok recorded ‘To You’ with his idol, Teen Top

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[OSEN=Reporter Ha Su-jeong] ‘What do you do when you play?’ One Top starts recording ‘To You’ after 3 years of practicing.

On the March 18th MBC variety show, ‘What do you do when you play?’ (directed by Park Chang-hoon, Kim Jin-yong, Jang Woo-seong, Jang Hyo-jong, Wang Jong-seok, and writer Choi Hye-jeong), One Top (JS (Yoo Jae-seok)) entered the recording studio with Teen Top’s Niel and Changjo seniors. , Haha, Yikyung Lee, Seho Jo, Changhee Nam, Sehyung Yang, Kwanghee Hwang, Byungjae Yoo) trainees are drawn.

1Top, who was united 3 years ago with JS (Yoo Jae-seok) at the head, started practicing ‘To You’ dance with their own money, but scattered without seeing any results. And 1Top, who was re-formed through ‘What do you do when you play?’, drew attention by restarting the practice of ‘To You’, which they hadn’t finished 3 years ago.

In the midst of this, One Top meets and receives mentoring from the parent group Teen Top, whom he only saw in the video. He plans to show the image of Gyetan Seongdeok (successful virtue) by taking one-point choreography lessons from Teen Top and receiving recording directing.

In the recording studio, the one-top members fiercely compete for parts, causing laughter. When a member with terrible singing skills appears, One Top shows enthusiasm by saying, “If I can’t do it, can I take it away?” Among them, JS (Yoo Jae-seok) was praised for having a “good tone” with a voice that sniped Niel’s taste, and became the “sacred virtue of sacred virtues.”

In the recording of the singing part, which sounds like a mountain beast, a member of the bomb who can’t match the note appears and throws the scene into chaos. In this broadcast, attention is focused on who the culprit will be, and whether 1Top will be able to finish recording safely amidst the support of Teen Top seniors. MBC’s ‘What do you do when you play?’, which depicts Wontop’s first entry into the recording studio, will be broadcast at 6:25 pm on Saturday the 18th.

On the other hand, MBC’s ‘What do you do when you play?’ depicts the rigorous practice of late entertainment trainees preparing for their debut, and took first place in the topical non-drama category on Saturday, the 2nd week of March announced by Good Data Corporation. Yoo Jae-seok, a member of the boy group One Top, ranks second in the most talked about performers, raising expectations for their debut.