AFF Cup 2020: Elkan Baggott’s First Goal for the Indonesian National Team Highlighted by British Media


Indonesian national team defender , Elkan Baggott, managed to score his first goal in the 2020 AFF Cup official event when he met Malaysia, Sunday (12/19/2021) night WIB. The achievement seized the British media.

The Indonesian national team won 4-1 over Malaysia. Two goals were bought by Irfan Jaya, while the remaining two were scored by Pratama Arhan and Elkan Baggott , respectively .

Malaysia first broke into the Indonesian national team goal at minute 14′ through Kogileswaran Raj’s hard kick which Nadeo Argawinata failed to block. However, Red and White’s fighting spirit resulted in the top of Group B standings.

The Indonesian national team qualified as group winners after collecting 10 points, the same as Vietnam, which in the other match also won 4-0 over Cambodia. However, Evan Dimas et al. entitled to top the final standings because of superior productivity goals.

Of course, Elkan Baggott was one of the happiest Indonesian national team players that night. British media also perpetuate it through positive news.

First Goal
The East Anglian Daily Times reported the success of Elkan Baggott in scoring his first goal for the Indonesian national team in his third match for Merah Putih.

A towering young centre-back headed the ball powerfully as his country beat Malaysia 4-1 in the 2020 AFF Cup.”

“It was his third game for the national team,” the East Anglian Daily Times wrote .

Not only that, the official Ipswich Town account was also enthusiastic about welcoming Elkan Baggott’s goal which was scored against Malaysia in the 83rd minute.

AFF Cup 2020: Euphoria and Praise of Indonesian National Team Supporters for Elkan Baggott, Can You Replace Harry Maguire at Manchester United

The Indonesian national team players were showered with praise after confirming their move to the 2020 AFF Cup semifinals as group winners. Apart from Irfan Jaya and Pratama Arhan, another player who also received a lot of praise was Elkann Baggott.

The Indonesian national team stepped into the semifinals after slaughtering the Malaysian national team 4-1 in the last match of Group B, Sunday (12/19/2021). Two of the four goals of the Garuda Squad were donated by Irfan Jaya. The other two goals were scored by Pratama Arhan and Elkan Baggott, respectively.

Malaysia actually took the lead through Kogileswaran Raj. However, after that the Malayan Tigers did not move and the goal was bombarded with four goals.

The big victory over Malaysia was greeted enthusiastically by supporters of the Indonesian national team. Furthermore, Indonesia will meet Singapore in the semifinals.

Fans of the Indonesian national team gave praise to the Indonesian stars in the match that night, one of which was Elkan Baggott who scored the last goal with a header.

The figure of Elkan Baggott immediately attracted the attention of the Indonesian national team fans. In addition to showing charming playing skills, his towering posture has become a hot topic of conversation for fans.

Supporters also expect Elkan Baggott to be the future defender of the Indonesian national team. Moreover, the young Ipswich Town player is still 19 years old.

Here are some praises from Indonesian national team supporters for Elkan Baggott who performed well against Malaysia in the 2020 AFF Cup.