AFF Cup 2020: Almost Crying After Defeat to the Indonesian National Team, Singapore Coach Says Proud of His Players


The Singapore coach, Tatsuma Yoshida, looked teary and spoke haltingly after his team was eliminated by the Indonesian national team from the 2020 AFF Cup. Not disappointed with the result, Tatsuma Yoshida almost cried because he was proud of the performances displayed by Singapore players in field.

In the match titled 2nd leg of the 2020 AFF Cup semifinal which was held at the National Stadium, Saturday (12/25/2021), Singapore had to admit a 2-4 defeat to the Indonesian national team . The defeat was painful because Singapore lost three players due to a red card and needed to fight for 120 minutes.

Singapore must end the match against the Indonesian national team with eight people. Three Singaporean players were expelled by the referee for getting red cards, namely Safuwan Baharudin, Irfan Fandi, and Hassan Sunny.

However, the squad players nicknamed The Lions were still enthusiastic about playing against the Indonesian national team. It was this spirit that made Tatsuma Yoshida proud.

Their mindset and mentality are the most important things if they want to develop and become stronger,” said Tatsuma Yoshida in his post-match press conference.

“I can confirm that this kind of spirit is the most important thing so they can move on. I want to congratulate them on their performance earlier. Their performance was very good,” said the Japanese coach.

This victory made the Indonesian national team advance to the 2020 AFF Cup final with a 5-3 aggregate advantage over Singapore. Shin Tae-yong’s troops are waiting for opponents in the final between Thailand or Vietnam which will be known on Sunday (12/26/2021).

Make it Touch
Coach Tatsuma Yoshida admits he is at a loss for words to describe his pride for the Singaporean players. According to Tatsuma Yoshida, the players have shown the typical spirit of Singapore against the Indonesian national team .

“I was at a loss for words, but was touched by their fighting spirit. Their Singapore spirit where they didn’t give up. Even when we ended up losing one player, one more player and another one,” said Tatsuma Yoshida.

They also didn’t show any fatigue at all. This is what we have to show the supporters and young players,” said Tatsuma Yoshida.

Player Performance Appreciation
Coach Tatsuma Yoshida also appreciated the performance of Singaporean players who succeeded in providing maximum resistance to the Indonesian national team. The 47-year-old coach said he accepted the results gracefully.

“The result is what matters. I have no excuses and no complaints,” said Tatsuma Yoshida,

Then they responded with a performance, the best performance since I came to Singapore,” said Tatsuma Yoshida.