Aespa Visual Analyzed By Beauty Experts, This Member Is The Most ‘Natural’


A Well-Known Makeup Industry Expert, Charles S. Lee, Analyzes The Visuals Of Aespa Members Based On His Knowledge And Experience. So What Did Charles Say?

It is common knowledge that there are many K-Pop stars who undergo cosmetic procedures. Then what about the AESPA members ?

Coming from SM Entertainment’s “flower garden”, aespa left a good impression on fans’ eyes with their stunning beauty standards.

However, looking at the pictures of the members when they were kids and in school, fans can’t help but wonder whether they have had plastic surgery or not.

To answer this question, a renowned makeup industry expert, Charles S. Lee, analyzed aespa visuals based on his knowledge and experience.

Charles S. Lee is one of Beverly Hills’ renowned beauticians. In the past, she has caught the public’s attention when recording videos commenting on the beauty of famous stars, including K-Pop idols.

Reporting from KBizoom , this beauty expert openly revealed the use of plastic surgery methods by Aespa again making a scene on social networks.

According to Charles S. Lee, Karina has had double eyelid surgery, nose lift and jawbone reduction. He also included past photos of the female idol to prove his comment.

When debuting with aespa, Karina was always praised for her graphic beauty, as the “AI goddess” of the 4th generation of K-Pop. This female idol has a cold aura, deep eyes, and a sharp nose.

As an outstanding visual aespa, Winter is also said to have undergone a surgical transformation. According to Mr. Charles S. Lee, Winter used the method of doubling the eyelids, lifting the nose, and constricting the jaw.

From Winter’s past pictures, he’s the tip of a big nose, and drooping eyelids. After debuting with aespa, Winter was also repeatedly criticized for his stiff, unnatural face when exposed to flash light or performing on stage.

Currently, Winter is also one of the most beautiful K-Pop idols in the 4th generation. On stage, the idol’s facial expressions are also much more diverse and natural.

Giselle is the member who is said to have undergone the most cosmetic procedures. In particular, according to Mr. Charles S. Lee, the idol has undergone eyelid surgery, lifted his nose, shrunk his jaw, and removed the fat on his cheeks.

Young Giselle had a square face, a large nose, and unattractive eyes. When he first debuted, the Japanese mulatto idol did not get much praise from netizens. But he has improved his visuals a lot thanks to his hard work.

According to Mr. Charles S. Lee, Ningning is the most “natural” aespa member. In particular, this idol is said to only use two cosmetic methods that are quite popular, rhinoplasty and jaw reduction.

In the past, the youngest aespa had a rather low nose bridge. However, when she debuted, Ningning had a sharper and prettier face.

Mr. Comments Charles S. Lee is still controversial. Regardless of physical changes or not, in the eyes of fans, Aespa is still a beautiful and talented female idol. What do you think?