Aespa just broke the record of Blackpink, Lisa with unbelievable time


After setting a record in pre-order album sales, aespa continues to break the achievements of Blackpink and many other girl groups with sales on the first day of sale.

The aespa girls are receiving great attention from the public after their comeback in July. Although it’s only been a day since the release of a new album, aespa has already broken the weekly sales record for a female K-pop artist.

Specifically, according to Hanteo Chart, their album Girls has sold a total of 806,891 copies in just the first day of its release. This is considered a record number of a Kpop girl group. This is more special when the achievement belongs to a rookie group like aespa.

Accordingly, with the above achievement, aespa’s Girls has become the album of a female artist with the highest first-day sales in history. This record previously belonged to Blackpink with the album THE ALBUM in 2020. The album of the 4 YG girls sold 589,310 copies on the first day of its release.

In addition to the daily achievement, aespa also set a weekly record (even though it only sold on the first day of the week) when becoming a female artist with the highest first-week album sales ever.

Specifically, aespa did this with just one day after the album was released. Previously, this record also belonged to a Blackpink member, Lisa, with her first solo album called LALISA. Lisa’s album sold 736,221 copies in its first week of release.

If you compare this achievement with other groups, including male groups, aespa’s first-day album sales are the 4th highest in history, behind only 3 popular boy groups: BTS, SEVENTEEN and TXT.

Previously, the SM Entertainment girl group also set a new record when becoming the Kpop girl group with the highest number of pre-ordered albums in history with 1.6 million copies.