Adaptation of the new playing style, Manchester United will now be beaten by Liverpool-City


Manchester United are still trying to find the right rhythm in Ralf Rangnick’s new playing style . It took time for the Red Devils squad to adjust.

Sunday (12/12/2021), MU had to struggle to beat Norwich City in the Premier League 2021/22 continued duel . Manchester United only won 1-0 through a Cristiano Ronaldo penalty.

The game of the Red Devils squad in the match did not look optimal. United tried to put pressure on the opponent according to Rangnick’s instructions, but they didn’t really confine the home team.

Therefore, the change in MU’s playing style is believed to take time. Why is that?

Problem against Liverpool-City
MU difficulties also stole the attention of the former player, Gary Neville. He sees the positive side of trying to change Rangnick’s style now.

Even so, Neville also knows the game on the field is still not optimal. Rangnick has a lot of homework to do to get the team to play the way he wants.

“I think there will be problems with this style of play when they play a team with more quality full-backs, because Dalot and Telles will struggle,” Neville told Sky Sports.

“Fernandes and Sancho won’t be able to catch up when Cancelo, Robertson or Alexander-Arnold are already running down the flanks.”

Good start
Fortunately, MU still will not immediately face these strong teams. Rangnick also started his Premier League adventure quite well: wins over Crystal Palace and Norwich City.

And when that time comes, I think they may have fixed a few things, Rangnick will get to know the players better,” continued Neville.

“Anyway, I think it’s a good start for Rangnick because they can win both games. They need a win to build the confidence of the new coach.”

It’s going to be more difficult
Furthermore, Neville also reminded that the season will start entering difficult weeks with a busy schedule of matches. Rangnick knows his team has a lot to improve.

“This week has gone well for Rangnick, but United have to improve a lot to get good results in the next games,” continued Neville.